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🎉 Ready for another day at Enterprise Connect!

Pop over to stand #2129 where we can help you be in your Element 😊💚

Good morning from sunny Orlando 😎🇺🇸

We're at Enterprise Connect over the next few days - come say hi, we'll be at stand 2129!

🎙️ And don't forget to catch
@matthew in the panel discussion 'UC and collaboration security: the new threat landscape' in Sun D at 9am (EST) today 💚

🚨 4 days to go until HPN

As a proud sponsor of the event, we’ll be in our Element watching
@Amandine discuss 'why does technology make it so hard to communicate with each other?' 💚

Are you a healthcare leader looking to network with like-minded people? Register now ➡️

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Governments and the public sector face specific challenges for their real time communications.

@matthew will talk at GRNet's webinar about those, how some governments solve them, and the EU stance on real time communications.

Join the webinar on Thursday 12:00 UTC, register here

Element will be at the 5th Annual Utility Cyber Security Forum! 🔒💚

🎙️ Tomorrow our product manager, Karl Abbot, will be examining how siloed apps have made it difficult for supply chains to communicate quickly and securely, and how Element alleviates this issue through an open standard.

Full agenda ➡️

The Online Safety Bill is an attack on encryption! 🔒

TechCrunch details why companies like us, WhatsApp and Signal are urging the government to reconsider ⬇️

Whether you’re self-hosting your IT infrastructure or we’re doing it for you, we want to make sure it’s as pain-free as possible!

That’s why we’ve made, not one, but two new shiny onboarding experiences 😎😎… 

Let us know which one you try!

We’re super excited for Matthew Hodgson to be part of today's interoperability workshop hosted by @EU_Commission
Tune in and catch him demoing how @matrix can power 🇪🇺

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