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France confirms that Matrix (and Riot) is the basis for their upcoming secure communication app for official government use, and will be 100% FOSS! Exciting times :D

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@matrix and that's the story of how government communication systems became even slower!
Jokes aside, awesome news! Awesome to see that federated/decentralised software is becoming more prominent

@howl hopefully that's the story of how a government forced us to make damn sure Matrix can scale successfully to government-scale levels ;P

@matrix Nice save ;) hopefully dendrite will be able to make things somewhat better.
@howl @matrix Matrix is too complex, and dendrite is too hard to deploy because someone decided to use kafka instead of optimizing the performance by simplicity.

@kurisu @howl wut? kafka is an optional dependency for dendrite (that said, dendrite is still alpha).

@matrix @howl maybe i'll have to look into it again


nothing more excited than becoming assimilated into the state

@zeezeemoomoo @matrix the state is using a foss technology, and will make public servants abandon proprietary software... And Vector probably gets tons of money for it! I don't see how this is anything but good. Matrix is a needed piece in the Foss puzzle

@zeezeemoomoo pretty sure we're not getting assimilated here :P

.@matrix the switch to using non-commercial technologies is the best evidence that Macron's government is probably not corrupt. Nobody would believe a FOSS project bribed the them to be chosen as a contractor :-)

@matrix Esta noticia es la caaaañññaaaaaaa.....

@shevek @matrix leo por ahi que hay dudas acerca de la privacidad, como que pide mucha informacion, no tengo claro si tambien ocurre cambiando de cliente y usando otros servidores distintos del central de matrix. La idea de un protocolo abierto y con vocacion de federar es muy buena

por una parte @matrix
es "equivalente" a #activitypub u #ostatus aquí . Es, por así decirlo, el protocolo e infraestructura lógica necesaria. Esto es sólo una analogía para comprenderlo.

En su FAQ explican todo en términos claros con enlaces técnicos

#Matrix no retiene ni almacena datos, los gestores "malosos" de un servidor podrían hacerlo igual que uno de #xmpp o aquí mismo.


This isn't a good sign everything the french government touches in free software turns bad.
Be careful.

@mangeurdenuage we are. so far it looks good though :)

This is crazy indeed! I'm quite surprised, although the French public sector has some history of using Free Software, that such still geeky FOSS is being deployed here!