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All new status update on Matrix development, funding & sponsorship is up: Groups, Rich Text Editor, Mentions & more!

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@matrix gets* in on the "Best Text Editor" meme!

(* unintentionally, probably)

@gaditb there's a Best Text Editor meme? :-/

@matrix @gaditb and you might be winning in late polling, oddly enough

@djsundog @matrix Yeah, it was "the best text editor is {thing you don't normally think of as for Text Editing}"

@gaditb @djsundog aaah :) well, every messaging app evolves into a word processor sooner or later. and then an operating system. and then a virtual world... :S

@matrix @djsundog the funny thing is, around when you posted, it was tangling up just a little with a discussion of IRC that was happening, leading to a few "the best IRC client is ..." ones tossed around,,,