#Blender gets all their videos blocked worldwide by #YouTube. #Armory3D has their #Patreon page closed down and their backers refunded without any notice as to why. All the #FOSS projects hosted by #GitHub now have their hosting at the mercy of #Microsoft.

And this is just a few of the recent examples.

When is the #FOSS community going to learn that we need to create and run our own infrastructure as well as apps?

Support #decentralised #FOSS infrastructure! (eg #PeerTube, #tilt, #Gitea etc)

Just for the reason that Bryan Lunduke got an acc. on the fediverse:

He takes part in criminalizing #riseup and their supporters.
This has real life consequenses such as the house raids happend in #germany today.

Just via #patreon #Lunduke earns +4500$ per month.

#BrianLunduke is not the nice guy he might believe by themself.

Support #Ziebelfreunde, #riseup, #tor or @qbi Instead of Bryan Lunduke.

@Elizafox People will just donate to anyone’s #Patreon (except yours and mine)

So, since I lost the job with Mastodon a lot earlier than I expected, we wont really have any money over the summer (as this one month just covers the lack of student loan for this month(You get a lot less in May)).

If you appreciate the work I've been doing for Mastodon, even though I'm not hired anymore, and want to help us eat over the summer, any pledge on patreon or liberapay are very welcome!

#TipYourFriends #Patreon #liberapay

Here's your regular reminder that Mastodon doesn't run ads, isn't run by venture capital, and doesn't sell your data.

If you enjoy your stay at, or enjoy the work Gargron and I do with Mastodon, feel free to drop $1 on the patreon!

If Patreon isn't your thing, and you want a free option have a look at Liberapay

#Patreon #TipYourAdmin #PutYourMoneyWhereYourMouthIs

If you want to support me personally, for long-term sustainable work with Mastodon (in case Gargron doesn't want to hire me or can't keep me hired, or I can't work enough to warrant being hired), consider supporting me directly on #Patreon or #Liberapay.

#TipYourFriends #cfsme

Patreon update! A process breakdown of this fun piece from December, for $3+ patrons! ❄️❄️

#art #digitalart #mastoart #patreon

#Patreon 's shenanigans pushed me to finally get setup with #Librepay and I'm so glad I can use that instead to support #octoprint.

Maybe I'll try using #librepay to drum-up some R&D dollars for the next iteration of #raiden ...?

Thanks to #Patreon for introducing me to @Liberapay because of you I'm now donating more money to Mastodon and paying less for it (because of VAT).
P.S. That was still a dirty trick and I'm not returning :)

This making the rounds here yet?

From Patreon: "We'd rather have our GMV be made up of fewer, but truly life-changed creators rather than a lot of creators making a few dollars." Well that tells me all I need to know about how much they actually care abt creators.

Original tweet:


So, it does seem that Flattr took the opportunity to tell us why it can be a nice complement to #patreon.

i recommend reading this post:

#flattr #tipyourfriends

Why so many talk about leaving #patreon?
Is it creators resieve less money? Maybe you resieve less?
I agree that this is a good reason to leave...they make tons of cash, sucking it out of creatives

What makes me angry is that me and others encouraged to switch in solidarity with a left newssource (#IGD) that got banned, or at least to start a discourse

Most of you remained silent. Or worse started to talk how important patreon is, and why you can't switch

...and now many talk about switching

This is a really important time to push free and open source alternatives to #Patreon! I've considered using @Liberapay, but was afraid I had to use Patreon to get the network effect.

Please tell people about #Liberapay, post about it on Reddit (r/patreon), vote it up on Alternativeto, etc

Please boost! This kind of opportunity to topple a near monopoly with FLOSS does not come often!
Are there other FLOSS #crowdfunding platforms?

I honestly can't afford to leave #patreon right now. Like if it wasn't for the support there this year we'd run out of savings at the end of the month!

However, if you'd like to move your support to somewhere else? I recommend supporting me on @Liberapay (who also hang out here on Mastodon!)

You can also support Mastodon there!

what types of features would people want in a #patreon replacement?

what things about patreon are terrible?

what things are good?

okay so re the #patreon pledge changes:

i was going to adjust the cybrespace "Backer" pledge tier to $0.63 so that it would still come out to $1.00 after fees, but apparently the minimum you can pledge on patreon is still $1.00.

i'll be looking into other options for allowing people to support us on a regular basis, but for now if you or a friend wants to get an account here, just DM me or @nightpool and we can give you invite links

(all current members will be able to give those out "soon")