Here are some GIFs from an animation that me and my partner, Kate, did for The Tower of London! ^_^ Nice to have an excuse to get these out.

Full animation here:


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Disroot News:

๐Ÿ Disroot is now a foundation!
๐Ÿ EmailAlias feature launched!
๐Ÿ“ Short domain available for all email users
๐Ÿฅ‘ Jitsi (video conferencing) instance deployed for testing
๐Ÿ‡ Disroot on Patreon!

Read more details here:

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So like, shameless reach out: I'm still searching for a job, living off my savings since end of August, have no yes/no for regular financing (BaFรถG) for university, and next month I'll have to add 91โ‚ฌ to my expenses due to mandatory health insurance.
Anything helps, even $1 / month, and in the long-term this helps to not have to fallback to too much work on the side (so I can focus on university + free software work exclusively).

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We started a #Patreon to support the development of #GodotEngine!

As arguably the best #FOSS game engine out there, you should definitely check out the video showcasing the upcoming features in Godot 3.0!

patreon, you might feel ofended by reading this Show more

So mastodon supporters #patreon just banned a left/anarchist news plattform after the alt-right convinced the CEO Jack Conte
Read more about that here:

The question I have to you is if the community of #mastodon supports those practices of patreon or not?

Being silent is supporting it
Sayn no but not let actions follow is supporting it

If patreon uses it's power to cut of the support of ppl fighting for freedom and solidarity, we should consider to say FUCK patreon


Patreon Caves to Tim Pool and the Alt-Right, Bans 'Its Going Down' Website
โ€“ 'Despite the picture painted by Conte, Patreon has deactivated our account due to pressure from the Alt-Right โ€“ full stop. As we will show, Patreon has acted with a complete lack of professionalism; it not only broke under pressure from the Alt-Right but moreover used information handed to them from a group which openly embraces white supremacy and fascism, and lastly, it has sent a message to everyone that uses and donates on Patreon, that if you piss off the Alt-Right, you might be next...'

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