@Purism will the #Librem5 be available outside of the US? Specifically in New Zealand?

Hey @Purism @todd ,
Is there any chance we will see front-facing speakers on the Librem 5? This would be a real USP today regarding all the generic phones we have right now and I think also widely appreciated from gamers, people who watch videos on the phone and also people who like to listen to music on the go without extra speakers

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It's fun, interesting, and amazing to read the daily information from the #Librem5 development team. We have a healthy group of volunteers as well. Interested in joining? Clicky, clicky:

@Purism couldn't find any info in the blogs nor the specs webpage about whether the #librem5 will have an USB-C connector or which one. Thanks a lot for your projects and work!

@Purism Where is my 24/7 feed of constant, new information on the #Librem5?

I'm just so excited about this phone right now that no amount of info is enough.

I'm very interested to hear opinions on the #Librem5 from @Purism .

Please feel free to share your thoughts with me.


@therealmatthartley calls water skim milk and @BryanLunduke does not answer the only question that is stopping me from dropping $ on a #librem5 phone. I'm still looking forward to him validating my jokes with a live Gentoo install. Good show.

"Linux Thursday - Linux is Nice Edition" - Lunduke Show - Dec 14, 2017

It's Thursday! And that can mean only ONE thing...

You did it!!!

The #Librem5 will be built! Do you want one?

Now, let's go meet those stretch goals.