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Matthew Hodgson @[email protected]

@Goffi @matrix as per that diaspora thread, tweaking the faq (again) is on my todo and PRs are welcome, although it's not made it to the top of the list yet, especially as you are the only person I know who has complained. I somehow doubt we are the only project with outdated or inaccurate FAQ entries about alternative techs. And my only reason for butting into this thread was just to remind that we exist; not to instigate drama :|

@nightpool @matrix this was a case of a person (me) speaking with my matrix hat on, hence the account (as made clear in the account description); not some nefarious attempt to subvert a personal conversation. And honestly, not bothering to relogin on my personal account as I didn't think anyone would care. Not sure that counts as a Brand™ trying to act like a person. Anyway, no offense was intended.

@Gargron should be working with an atom feed like It seems to subscribe okay, with an entry in the subscriptions table, but never gets any pushes. Similarly when testing with npm's pubsubhubbub lib. Is a subscription secret mandatory?

Matrix is now on Mastodon! We'll be crossposting between the birdsite & + looking into proper Matrix bridging. Come follow!

@mcat yup, from what i can tell it's a feature rather than a bug; the expectation is to click through to the followee's own instance or put a previous message URL into the search box in your own instance in order to access older toots.

@Gargron @johnhenry okay, thanks. is that a limitation of Salmon, or just not hooked up yet ooi? (looking at writing a Matrix<->Mastodon bridge, and surprised there wasn't history backfill)

@johnhenry yeah, i can see them all your historical stuff if i click through to the instance, but not on my local instance "Federated timeline" view (apart from new toots since i started following you). can't tell if i've set it up wrong... @Gargron is this working as intended?

@johnhenry hey - i'm embarassingly confused by this... does mastodon not give you scrollback/backfill when you follow someone over federation?

Hello world :) Just stood up a Mastodon instance for with a view to bridging between Mastodon & Matrix!