@johnhenry hey - i'm embarassingly confused by this... does mastodon not give you scrollback/backfill when you follow someone over federation?

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@matthew Huh -- I thought it did! Can you not see my earlier posts? You *should* be able to see them at, which seems like a different interface from the "/web" pages, but I don't know why they wouldn't synchronize.

@johnhenry yeah, i can see them all your historical stuff if i click through to the instance, but not on my local instance "Federated timeline" view (apart from new toots since i started following you). can't tell if i've set it up wrong... @Gargron is this working as intended?

@Gargron @johnhenry okay, thanks. is that a limitation of Salmon, or just not hooked up yet ooi? (looking at writing a Matrix<->Mastodon bridge, and surprised there wasn't history backfill)

@mcat yup, from what i can tell it's a feature rather than a bug; the expectation is to click through to the followee's own instance or put a previous message URL into the search box in your own instance in order to access older toots.

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