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Community maintained moderation tools, a MSC hoping to make room upgrades smoother, and plenty of clients updates. That, and much more happened This Week in Matrix!

:matrix: Great interview with the new head of the #Matrix Foundation @josh and the rest of the team discussing an exciting future for the #OpenSource community and distributed secure communication. Definitely worth a watch:

Element X Android in production, appservices support dropped in the rust SDK, and a chance to get a MSC2997 t-shirt for real.

That, and much more happened This Week in Matrix !

That's right people, the @matrix Foundation has a new boss, and I'm excited to build things together.

Matthew & Amandine grilled @josh to know what he's about, and he has a lot to tell.

Progress on the Matrix Server List after a month away from computers.

There are still a few rough edges, but things are coming together to help people escape the gravity of the @matrix instance if they want to!

It's displaying dummy data, close to reality but not accurate

Exciting news, Android fans! The Element X preview has landed, delivering lightning-fast messaging. It's a sneak peek, with more to come.

Explore the blog for all the details: Read Now 👉

Excited to have @josh joining us on the Matrix journey as Managing Director of the Foundation! 🎉
Big milestone in growing up the project and taking it to the next level as every day makes it more relevant! Welcome Josh! 😊

Huge congratulations to @osi's former President @josh as well as to @matrix on the new Role. So happy that a bunch of people I like so much have all found each other!

#OpenSource #Chat #interoperabilty

Today is a big day: we're excited to welcome Josh Simmons as the first ever Managing Director of The Foundation! 🎉

This is a big step toward fully realizing the Foundation's role as an independent, neutral steward for Matrix. Learn more about why we hired a Managing Director and what @josh will be focused on:

Work going on to restore the Libera Chat bridge, a neat new client, and the latest information from the matrix community summit… that and more happened this week in Matrix

Heads-up the @matrix website Atom feed now only returns the last 15 entries.

It previously returned all the articles since 2014, weighing a whopping 13MB that caused issues with some RSS readers.

I'm aware Inoreader doesn't reflect new entries since July, I'm reaching out to fix the problem on either side

New spec release, KDE integration, ement.el improvements, and more! Find out what's been happening in Matrix this week 🗞️

Matrix 1.8 is here! Largely a maintenance release, we're excited this release includes room version 11 and sees another 9 MSCs formally adopted into the spec 👏

Learn more about this release and what's on deck for 1.9 in the blog post:

Hey everyone, it's been a long time since the last stable Conduit release, but v0.6.0 has finally been released. It's the biggest update yet, adding support for threads, spaces, edit history, backfilling and much more, along with other improvements like automatic corruption recovery, check out for more information.

It's becoming harder and harder to notice missing features, you should give Conduit a try if you haven't already!

Looking for a hands-on way to learn useful hosting skills during summer?

I'm covering containers, docker compose, and @ansible, applied to Matrix, in less than 30 minutes long episodes.

Stay tuned: next week we're going to cover monitoring with @Prometheus and @grafana

Following a series of stability issues, the Libera.Chat team has requested that the Matrix / Libera.Chat bridge be disabled until we can resolve them. Read the full announcement below

Trying to find minutes here and there to work on it, but the Matrix Servers List is making good progress 🗒️

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