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Synapse 1.72 is out! Come read all about improvement for threads, the removal of support for Postgres 10, new features around relations, and more on our blog boosted


Currently 452 of us in the "Mastodon Administrators" @matrix channel. Also a side channel for moderation specific stuff.!VMUpuubSCTxMbZkuZ

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Officially launching, rich and embedded webhooks for matrix. Discord Webhooks API compatible.
More this friday on "This Week On Matrix" cc @[email protected]
source code is here: feel free to contribute !

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I've blogged about the end-to-end encryption work in NeoChat but entirely forgot to tell people about it so... here it is boosted

For those of you on @matrix there's now a fledgling #ocaml space on either or which has channels for Eio and MirageOS to start with. Thanks @talex5! boosted

It's been less than 24 hours and #mastodon is already extremely fun to use, thanks in large part to the welcoming community out here.

If anyone has a line on an #activitypub <==> #matrix bridge though, I might be interested in hosting it on (or building my own, eventually) 😇

🧐Vous vous demandez comment héberger votre communauté avec du logiciel libre ?
😎 RDV en salle B208 pour un tuto détaillé par @[email protected] sur comment déployer votre propre serveur Matrix, on aura peut être même le tps de parler bridges vers Discord & co!
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Heading to @capitoledulibre for a @matrix workshop about everything Matrix at 10:30 CET, and a talk on how to create a cozy and safe nest for your community at 15:30 CET

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I suppose I should do an actual #introduction post instead of just saying hello 😅

I'm based out of Alberta, Canada 🇨🇦 as a @matrix Spec Core Team (SCT) member, help keep a local makerspace open, run, and build completely unnecessary A/V racks for events I volunteer at (which I'll probably end up posting about).

With the spare time I have left (none), I collect/play #magicthegathering and start software projects I'll definitely maybe finish one day, probably. Foundation co-founder Amandine Le Pape is part of a panel to discuss digital sovereignt @capitoledulibre

“Interoperability is a pre-requisite for sovereignty, and that means more control for the users, not less” boosted

Mainly #German #podcast:
Each Friday an interview recording of the #MatrixCommunitySummit #Berlin 2022 will be released. The event took place in August. We interviewed a total of 8 #Matrix community members.

This week, you can hear from Alex and Valentin. We talked about the summit, what went well and what activities to add next time.


RSS feed:

If you don't speak German, stay tuned for English episodes in some of the following weeks. boosted

And on that thought, it should be noted that you _really_ don't need more than a Pi to get yourself a working Synapse server, to join in on the @matrix part of the IM fediverse as well.
Though a second Pi to hold your database - and on a proper drive instead of microSD - is probably recommended, especially if you want to chat in the bigger rooms.

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We're at @[email protected] this weekend: one of the major French FOSS events. 7pm Saturday @[email protected] talks Digital Sovereignty & Free Software with @[email protected] @[email protected] @[email protected] & @[email protected], and on Sunday @[email protected] is workshopping at 10:30 & a talk at 3pm! 🇫🇷

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Venez nous retrouver au @[email protected] ce WE!
🎙️Samedi 19h @[email protected] parlera Souveraineté Numérique et Logiciels Libres avec @[email protected] @[email protected] @[email protected] et @[email protected]
😎Et dimanche @[email protected] présentera un atelier 💻 à 10h30 et une conf 👨‍🎓à 15h!

Machine Learning to detect spam, more Game Boy playing, and clients updates? This, and much more happened This Week in Matrix boosted

So you want to bridge your Discord or Slack community to @matrix to make a very gentle move, without a hard split? I got you covered! boosted

📺 Join me & @bnjbvr_en this afternoon @ 4PM CET for some cozy @matrix #WebAssembly hacking live on stream!

We are going to be looking at Trinity, Benjamin's supercool side project that lets you write #matrix bots in #rust & WebAssembly. Come for the coolness, stay for the endless hilarity that ensues as I attempt writing Rust code and hope live to tell the story :ablobcateyesflip: boosted

Today I'm refactoring our rich text editor component for #Matrix. I have in mind a 3-layer structure:

* high level operations like "bold"
* medium level that preserves all the invariants (e.g. no adjacent text nodes)
* low level that does simple things like add/delete a node and does not preserve invariants

It's all happening over here:

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1/ another gooolos update! introducing gooolchat 💬

since twitter has become kind of unstable lately and seemingly at risk of falling into total disrepair/collapsing 😓, i made a goool chat room


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