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Today we're dropping by #oggcamp to catch up with folks and spread the word of Matrix! (main talk at 12pm-1pm: :)

Matrix is speaking at #ETHLDN in Sept - looks like there may be new room to get involved!

Special late night Matrix "Live" is out for Patreons Jitsi! iOS dark theme! Last week's ep:

Matrix "Live" Ep 5 is up for patreons: Widgets, RTE, Dark theme, Dendrite: See last week at!

*Huge* thanks to the folks at who started sponsoring us today! This takes us to ~10% of our corp sponsorship target!

Just passed $2000/m on @[email protected] Our first goal is in sight, but this only supports ~4% of the core team: please spread the word for help!!

Ep 4 of the Matrix "Live" blog is here for Patreons:! & last week's ep is now open to all at

The website & synapse is now fully IPv6 at last, thanks to @[email protected] (cc @[email protected] :D)

We're headed to @[email protected] in Manchester to give an update on all things Matrix! Come see us in Hopper at 11:30 on Sat!

Help! We urgently need a well-known FOSS guru to endorse our grant appl. Pls yell if you know such a Matrix fan!!

Just benchmarked @[email protected] again as we get ready to move all remaining services (bridges etc) over... 5GB/s read! :D

Today's recording of the weekly internal Matrix sync meeting is up! (for folks supporting Matrix at $10+/month)

This week's Matrix Live update is here right now for Patreon/Liberapay $10+ donors! Mentions, State Resets & more!

We're releasing the Matrix Live vidcast for free, but with a 1 week delay; Patreon/Liberapay supporters get it live!

@drwho good luck with running your own signal or wire server ;)

@nightpool For some reason the other posts haven't made it to the instance, and I can't reply to them when looking at them at so... i'm a bit lost, hence the bulk-reply.

@nightpool multiple people; same thread; for some reason failing to find the reply button for the individual toots. sorry if this is a terrible mastodon faux pas...

@privacylab alas we're a long way from sustainable as yet; Patreon is approaching paying for half a dev, but we have ~10 folks working fulltime on Matrix atm.

@martensitingale agreed HTTP+JSON is ugly as sin; patches for better transports welcome! I get the concern that funding can corrupt FOSS, but we wouldn't have this far without funding; the problem is instead its absence.

@drwho check out Dendrite should kick ass.