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Hello, world! You, me, and The Foundation: a letter from the Managing Director, @josh, and reactions from leaders at other open source foundations.

#matrix based instant messenger for healthcare organizations is real and is already rolled out in Germany. #Famedly is a matrix client based on the Matrix Dart SDK written in #flutter and the company behind it is also my full-time job.

They also made a fancy 60 seconds introduction video recently:

Circles updates for Android and iOS, big improvements at Complement and an English episode of Matrix Salon Podcast. This and much more has been happening This Week in Matrix ✨

Meet Greg @gwmngilfen, who is one of the Ansible Community managers. He cares about growing and moderating the Ansible community chat. With the use of IRC declining, #Matrix became the new default.
Learn how Ansible is using two homeservers to separate between official moderation and open registration community accounts.

The #podcast episode can be found here:

RSS feed:

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Security, a new Discord bridge, many new features in Element X, and a lot more has been happening this week in Matrix!

A bunch of Security fixes, a new Room Search and a lot of Client updates!

That, and plenty more, happened This Week in Matrix 🎉

For all the mad scientists out there who keep making their poor @matrix server suffer, I recorded a tutorial on how you can use @ansible to get a disposable docker-compose-based lab (sic) you can wipe after deploying the most cursed setup you could think of.

Because experimenting shouldn't be punished, and that's how you learn!

We never did a proper #introduction, did we? 😲

Hi Fediverse, we're Thunderbird, an #opensource #email client available for free on Linux, macOS and Windows. (And coming next year to Android. FINALLY, right?)

You can use Thunderbird for managing an unlimited number of mail accounts, calendars, newsgroup accounts, and RSS feeds. You can also chat using your @matrix account.

💙 LIKES: Open standards, privacy, freedom, customization.

🚫 DISLIKES: Proprietary code.

Nice to meet you 📩

Subspaces in NeoChat, calling for bridges (ish), and a home assistant integration.

That, and plenty more happened This Week in Matrix!

#Matrix, the decentralized communication protocol, has launched Matrix 2.0, featuring improvements in usability and performance, including instant login, encrypted large-scale voice and video conferencing, and faster room joins.

The Community Summit, Matrix 2.0, Element X Ignition, and automatic purging of forgotten rooms in Synapse… that and more happened This Week in Matrix!

Since announcing the idea of 2.0 at , we've been busy building out full real-world implementations for folks to play with, and today we're super excited to take the wraps off Matrix 2.0: The Future of Matrix. 👀🎉🎊🍾👀

Community maintained moderation tools, a MSC hoping to make room upgrades smoother, and plenty of clients updates. That, and much more happened This Week in Matrix!

:matrix: Great interview with the new head of the #Matrix Foundation @josh and the rest of the team discussing an exciting future for the #OpenSource community and distributed secure communication. Definitely worth a watch:

Element X Android in production, appservices support dropped in the rust SDK, and a chance to get a MSC2997 t-shirt for real.

That, and much more happened This Week in Matrix !

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