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Matrix 1.8 is here! Largely a maintenance release, we're excited this release includes room version 11 and sees another 9 MSCs formally adopted into the spec 👏

Learn more about this release and what's on deck for 1.9 in the blog post:

Hey everyone, it's been a long time since the last stable Conduit release, but v0.6.0 has finally been released. It's the biggest update yet, adding support for threads, spaces, edit history, backfilling and much more, along with other improvements like automatic corruption recovery, check out for more information.

It's becoming harder and harder to notice missing features, you should give Conduit a try if you haven't already!

Looking for a hands-on way to learn useful hosting skills during summer?

I'm covering containers, docker compose, and @ansible, applied to Matrix, in less than 30 minutes long episodes.

Stay tuned: next week we're going to cover monitoring with @Prometheus and @grafana

Following a series of stability issues, the Libera.Chat team has requested that the Matrix / Libera.Chat bridge be disabled until we can resolve them. Read the full announcement below

Trying to find minutes here and there to work on it, but the Matrix Servers List is making good progress 🗒️

Today we are announcing security updates for several of our bridges.

We advise to upgrade as soon as possible. The disclosures will be out in 3 days (Thursday 3 August)

Huge thanks to @matrix what you built and and give is amazing and keeps on getting better. Working with #matrix daily and it’s a joy.

Very nice to see #wordpress embrace @matrix -- and now a Wordpress login is all you need to start chatting.

I've long moved away from Wordpress (Hugo FTW) but Matrix is a daily part of my life and we're seeing good adoption in our #Kamailio nodes.

Matrix at IETF117, Commune's revival, a new Matrix Swift SDK… that and much more happened this week in Matrix!

By the way, if you're into deploying your own Matrix bridge to Discord… I've got you covered!

It is almost time! On August 05-06 we will have a Matrix Devroom at FrOSCon with lots of interesting talks and workshops!

At the Matrix Stand you can ask us questions and buy some Matrix swag! 👕🤩

Join us @

Matrix at IETF, new bridge, FrOsCon, and more! Read about what's been happening in the Matrix ecosystem this week at

Messaging Layer Security (MLS) is now RFC 9420! MLS is a standard for end-to-end encryption in messaging systems. Many messaging systems, including @matrix, are working on supporting MLS. A huge thank you to @bifurcation and @raphaelrobert, and to many others, for their work on MLS.
I'm happy to be working on MLS support for @matrix. You can see our progress at I've been working on it for several years now (the hardest part has been figuring out how to adapt it to work in a decentralised environment), but we're getting closer to something that's usable in clients. We have a proof-of-concept implementation (don't use it for anything serious, because it may self-destruct without warning), and some demo videos. And we'll be working on advancing our extensions for decentralisation into a standard, somehow.
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Matrix and ActivityPub stuff going on in room 2 at #akademy2023 - and also important and definitely real, historical quotes ;)

Communal Bonfires; creating space for group-scale discourse on top of @matrix

Today we're pre-releasing Commune, our first foundational step towards a community platform built specifically for alignment with digital gardens.

Cyber-ecological messaging anyone?!

It's an evolving piece of software serving as the primary bonfire component of the overarching Community OS concept.

#fediverse #opensource #threadiverse #community #matrix #CommuneApp

Element X on Conduit!

(doing the bare minimum for sliding sync to make it kind of work)


The release of Element X on the App Store, sliding sync in Conduit and expiring messages in Nheko, that and more happened this week in Matrix!

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