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The latest version of the spec accessible offline, a massive update for Element X iOS, Matrix at DevConf.CZ, that and much more happened this week in Matrix!

Good to see @heiseonline covering why gematik joined the Foundation and why Matrix matters for the whole healthcare sector!

The article in 🇩🇪

We're pleased to announce that Gematik is the first public sector organisation to join the Foundation!

Read about why Gematik thinks it's important to support the protocol they build on, on our blog.

The Foundation membership programme, Beeper as the first member of the Foundation, cross-signing in Hydrogen and a nice post about what happens when your homeserver explodes without a backup. That, and much more happened this week in Matrix!

Matrix community member @MTRNord did an awesome transcription of the Matrix Tutorial "get ready for sliding sync" in which I explain how to deploy a Sliding Sync proxy so you can use Element X.

If you want sliding sync on your instance and don't have the time to watch the video, go check out this transcription!

We are thrilled to announce Beeper is the first organisation member of the Foundation!

Read about why the universal chat app supports Matrix, and why you should too.

Hey @matrix check this out.

#Matrix is the the most admired synchronous tool for developers according stack overflow survey.

The Foundation is now able to formally accept members!

Join us in our mission to make open decentralised communications ubiquitous, sustainable, for everyone.

Account Portability news, a brand new website, a Matrix client tutorial, that and much much more happening this amazing week in Matrix!

A roadmap for the spec core team, matrix-appservice-irc escapes ZeroVer, an updated Home Assistant integration… that and much more happened this week in Matrix!

Can't join us in person? We're excited to pilot @matrix at #DevConf_cz. Join in, chat with fellow attendees, ask questions, and watch session streams. Link will be available closer to the event.

➡️Register as a virtual attendee to get updates:

Third Room Tech Preview 2: Creator Update is here! Matrix is way more than messaging: @thirdroomio shows how you can build secure, decentralised, multiparty spatial apps for 3D & XR using Matrix & WebSG: our brand new WASM API for spatial scripting! 🎉🥽🎉

A time machine for Matrix, a CfP for the Matrix Community Summit, and always more love for Element X: that and more happened this week in Matrix!

Spec release, video demo of ement.el, updates from your favourite clients, and more! Read about what's been happening This Week in Matrix:

Matrix 1.7 is out now! It's got reactions (finally 💖), better mentions, async uploads, and a whole lot more.

Check out the blog post:

Roll up, roll up Matrix Live is here. Check out news of the 2nd Element X iOS public testflight, the Matrix Community Summit and a bumper update from Fractal.

Work on pseudonymous identities, a tailor-made matrix client, and a community event at the Chaos Computer Camp. That and more happened this week in Matrix

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