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Element X is going to have its first public TestFlight as soon as Apple approves it. That means you will finally be able to test the fancy speedy sliding sync advertised in Matrix 2.0!

And for that, your server needs to speak sliding sync: you need the sliding sync proxy deployed if you don't use

Fortunately, I made a tutorial to help you deploy it! boosted

Signal would 'walk' from UK if Online Safety Bill undermined encryption - BBC News

Signal, Element, WhatsApp... The UK government is shooting itself in the foot big time by completely ignoring the reason for the problems and just trying to whisk them away under a carpet.

#encryption #uk #privacy #security

Both @signalapp and Element united in trying to avert the privacy disaster that is the UK's Online Safety Bill:

Congrats to @[email protected] for launching. Great to see Dendrite and Matrix in the wild, but unfortunate to see it branded as “Towns Protocol” with zero reference to Matrix: Guess it’s time to consider shifting impls to AGPL in the face of proprietary forks. boosted
There's a serious opportunity for #Mastodon and other #ActivityPub systems to implement properly secure DMs by integrating #Matrix from @matrix . boosted

Hey, since usually asking questions here works quite well, I will try that again:

What makes a #matrix client something, that you would recommend to other people to try (even if you might not want to use it yourself). Or rather, what makes the client stable enough for day to day use for you. And what would make you recommend a client to someone as their first client to get started with #matrix?

I am aware, that everyone has different opinions there, so I am trying to gather everything. <3 boosted

🎬 @kde's Plasma and Karbon spotted in Netflix's "Raising Dion" series (S2E1, 2022) boosted

Public Service Announcement:

If the only way to reach your community for help is via #Discord I will most likely not use your open source project.

This is not a policy of mine, just an observation.

Use #matrix or anything else which is open!

Gitter fully migrated to Matrix, extensible events in the spec, and transcriptions of Matrix Lives… that, and much more happened this week in Matrix! boosted

Work on the Third Room Editor is underway! Press the ` key at any time to open the editor. Navigate and edit the scene or any resource such as materials. Everything can be edited and previewed in real time! More coming soon!

Matrix 1.6 is live with MSC3030 jump-to-date, and MSC3706 faster joins! 📆🏎️

Check it out, and all the other MSCs freshly merged 🔽

Gitter has at last gone fully Matrix-native - is now a branded version of Element! 🚀 All your history should be still there, imported into Matrix; we’ve tried to make the transition as seamless as possible. See for full details. boosted

At the #Matrix talk, nice demo of #ThirdRoom, a VR system built on the top of Matrix. You can have a #metaverse without a GAFA or a stupid startup.

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The "Matrix 2.0" talk was definitely the best one I've seen at #FOSDEM, amazing live demos! boosted

The #matrix 2.0 #fosdem talk was 🔥. Besides the new ElementX client being both slick 💅 and fast 🏎️, I was impressed by the seamless p2p messaging without internet. I like to see cool tech combined with slick UX.

For those of you wondering what I’m talking about, matrix is a federated messaging platform with end to end encryption and all the stuff you’d want from an open messaging platform. boosted

What I really can't understand, is that open source projects often use #proprietary #Discord @elk you build an open source client for the open source #decentral network #Mastodon . Why do you not offering a decentral chat room like @matrix #Matrix #redecentralize boosted

Let's go for the decentralisation, interoperability and sustainability session with @matrix on @DecentSocial! boosted

Tomorrow I'll join one of @DecentSocial sessions on behalf of @matrix!

I’d love to talk about Matrix (unsurprisingly) but also about interoperability and sustainability… and pretty much anything you want about Matrix and Open Source.

If I had one thing to say to catch your attention, it would be "Come hear the struggles and solutions for a foundation that doesn't sell anything".

Let's talk about it all!

Fighting the legislative attack against encryption. Native VoIP Calls in Hydrogen, a speech to text bot based on OpenAI Whisper, and of course FOSDEM wrap-ups… that and much more happened this week in Matrix.

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