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I got inspired by setting up my own Mastodon instance and getting into this whole decentralised federated model to try out Matrix (, @matrix). So, after some fiddling I managed to have a Matrix server running using Synapse. You can now IM me through or come in and say hi in the public lobby of my server: 😎

Matrix 1.5 is here! As a maintenance release it's not the most feature-filled, but still worth a look.

Check it out 🔽

Heads up that we're continuing to work away at running Matrix over MLS (Messaging Layer Security) - the new end-to-end encryption protocol being worked on within IETF, as an alternative to Olm/Megolm. You can now keep up with progress at...!!! 🚀😱🎉👻🫶🚀

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I think two things that makes and great are: (1) The Community /People are simply awesome (2) Both communities have standardized on so I chat to everyone on ! If you are on lets chat, if not join! Find out more via @[email protected] or AMA!


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Hey @[email protected] , i made an entire german series of introducing the Matrix protocol and installing it onto a / jail for self hosting, supported by an OPNsense firewall, which is doing the HAProxy and cert stuff. Maybe you like it:

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If you enjoy #mastodon you should know you can do the same with your chats. You don't need Google or Facebook.
Check @matrix for the details on federated chat!

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Very happy that federated systems like and Fediverse have a chance of survival and could actually make the internet sane again.

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Hey #nix and #nixos people!

I wrote a matrix bot for nixpkgs pull request notifications.

It‘s like the cool https// by @qyliss, which shows you which release channels a pull request has reached.

With the bot you can subscribe and get notifications, whenever it reaches a channel instead of hammering F5 in your browser tab.

Just open a query to and send "help".

Looking forward to you all stress testing it!

A devroom accepted for @[email protected], Matrix Plays Gameboy Games (yes) and steady progress on Element X Android. That, and much more happened This Week in Matrix!

MAINTENANCE: The homeserver is back online after a successful maintenance operation.

This was the last of our series of planned maintenances.

MAINTENANCE: We will be taking down the homeserver in a few minutes minutes (10:00 UTC) to perform a maintenance operation on its database.

The downtime could be up to half an hour.

Other servers will be unaffected. boosted

since a lot of folks are becoming newly interested in escaping corporate silos and moving to community-based services, are you aware of @matrix?

Matrix is to Slack and Discord, what Mastodon is to Twitter: a decentralized, federated network based on open standards/specs. It also supports full end-to-end encryption, just like Signal, so you can exchange messages privately!

If you find the fediverse interesting/inspiring, I recommend giving matrix a whirl. The quickest way to get started is to head over to and make a (free!) account (although you can also join any number of other home servers, or host your own--they all talk to each other!).

If you _do_ end up checking it out, please do say hi! I'm over there. I also manage a "space" (a group of channels, kinda like a Discord server) that you can join by clicking here:!tKdDSgQTxQzcOuTXq

I hope this sparks your interest! I'd love to see you over there, too!

MAINTENANCE: We will be taking down the homeserver at 10:00 UTC tomorrow (2022-11-10) to perform maintenance on its database.

The downtime could be up to half an hour.

Other servers will be unaffected. boosted

IETF115 Trip Report (Can Matrix help messaging standardisation through MIMI?)

It was great fun attending the MIMI BoF at IETF, trying to fix the Internet.

#Matrix #IETF115 #DMA

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🔒high security
🏦no central authority
🔎in full control

Using the Matrix Protocol, we provide state-of-the-art end-to-end encryption which ensures that only the intended recipients can decrypt your messages.

Homebases coming soon to the all-new TeamSpeak Client! 🔜


Just had a super useful conversation with @[email protected] and the nice folks at @[email protected] about and ensuring that governments remember to fund maintenance for FOSS (and not just feature dev!). Everyone should consider supporting @[email protected] :)

having a little too much fun playing with both the scripted lights & basic realtime shadows(!) in the test scene...

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Super cool to see our new Web Scene Graph (WebSG) API going live in @[email protected], letting sandboxed WASM run clientside to add behaviour to scenes. It only supports scripting lights, but meshes/anims/sounds/physics all coming soon!

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