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We've been flooded with questions about the mandating open communication APIs for the tech giants (and seen some folks jumping to alarmingly incorrect assumptions), so we've put a quick tech FAQ together to summarise our understanding:

🍿 OTWSU live event on analytics and privacy this evening at 18:00 CEST!

@exodus will talk about trackers and how to track them

@e_mydata will tell us how customers can reclaim their digital dignity

Element will tell us how they balance analytics and privacy

📆 Today at 16:00 UTC (18:00 CEST)

💬 Join the chat to ask questions to our guests at!AnacGSwlCZcUuAfcE

▶️ Watch it live on or on YouTube

🌐 Details on

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What's Coming in Thunderbird 102 (2022) 🧵:

The Big Stuff:
- Spaces Toolbar
- New Address Book
- Link Preview Cards
- Account Setup Hub
- Matrix Support (Preliminary)
- Import/Export
- Message Header Redesign

Let's look at each of these in depth.


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Another thoughtful take on legislation & messaging interoperability from @[email protected] of @[email protected]. It does seem like e2e challenges are hard to ignore, but there are lots of positives that shouldn't be dismissed.


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Adtech giant-owned entities suddenly expressing "concerns" for "privacy" now the EU has a political agreement to require messaging giants to do IOP on request by a non-gatekeeper platform is *chef kiss*


So, the EU's says that the tech giants will have to expose open APIs for interoperable comms - but what does this actually mean in practice? Here are our initial thoughts on how you might actually implement it, and why the DMA is good news. ✨🔮✨

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Beeper now supports sending and receiving WhatsApp emoji reactions…before the feature has even been rolled out to WhatsApp iOS 😂


🗞️ TWIM is out!

Multi-account support in Syphon, bubbles in SchildiChat, SSO in @g[email protected] 's Fractal Next, video calls in FluffyChat…

Matrix clients are blooming, and you can read about it in the latest issue of This Week in Matrix!

Lots of excitement today with confirmation of the EU's breakthrough legislation, mandating that big tech must provide documented open comms APIs. 🎉🎊😱 But there's also been concern that open APIs could undermine E2E encryption: our viewpoint is at

🎙️ Matrix Live time!

After having several guests telling us the Matrix protocol is really flexible, we wanted to explore how to add features to the Matrix Spec with Andrew, a Spec Core Team member.

Want to make Matrix even better? Here's how!

Synapse 1.55 is out! Come read about what's new in this release, including changes with synctl and Mjolnir support, on our blog

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Boris Johnson is being sent summaries of official Red Box govt business by WhatsApp

It’s just so unbelievably insecure. His phone number was exposed for a decade. It’s just as well he doesn’t know any ex-KGB spies, I guess


Awesome to see @[email protected] building on Matrix! Let’s hope it won’t be a closed federation :)

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TeamSpeak 5 Servers will give you the option to host your very own Homebase. Homebase is the Server where your chat-account is created in. Nonetheless, you can still chat with other users that are located on other homebases via federation.


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