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Oh look, a tool for sending @[email protected] messages from the commandline... That's handy now that I build apps in containers, which ages to build.

*adds to his workflow*

"docker build .... && matrix -m 'Built!'"


How do we get back to the interoperable roots of the Internet to replace Big Tech’s walled gardens? @[email protected] @[email protected] @[email protected] @[email protected] will be discussing it at the next Decentralized Web Meetup on Tues Sep 22 9:30-11:30AM PT - Join them!

Another project report! Number five comes from Devin Ragotzy, who worked on "Ruma procedural macro refactoring and more", where "more" is "a lot"! Devin has also been helping to make this work available for the Conduit homeserver

Synapse Security update 1.19.2.

All federating instances should upgrade to 1.19.2 immediately. Those on a 1.20.0 release candidate should upgrade to 1.20.0rc4.

Our fourth GSOC project report comes from Arnav Tiwari, who worked on a new HTML-embeddable client, which has since been used for live events. Congratulations Arnav!

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@[email protected] Heard you reminiscing about IRC. The spirit of 1990s IRC seems to be alive and well at @[email protected] - When Mozilla shutdown their IRC servers earlier this year, they chose Matrix (over Discord, Slack et al) to replace it. Includes the best features of IRC, Signal, and Slack IMO.


This Week in Matrix is available now! Find out what Linköping University are doing with Matrix, plus news on various servers, clients, a new sticker-picker, brand NEW cli tool and more pic unrelated

We had a blast last night on Open Tech Will Save Us #6! If you missed it, catch up on the fun and watch Ag3m from La Quadrature du Net, Sean DuBois the guy and Damir our very own implementor discuss openness, and tech

Our third project report comes from Tyagraj Desigar, who worked with the opsdroid team to add End-to-End support to the opsdroid-Matrix connector

We'll be live in 30 minutes! Open Tech Will Save Us #6 for engaging chat and presentations about decentralisation, moderation, WebRTC for democratising comms, Rust SDK for Matrix!

We care about open, interoperable technology and how it impacts the humans who use it. Join us at 5pm UTC to hear about moderation in a decentralised world, how WebRTC enables comms for all, and news about the Matrix Rust SDK

With over, Matrix has SIX student reports to share! Our first thank you goes to Nikolaos Filippakis, for his work on adding E2E encryption to go-neb!

Open Tech Will Save Us #6 will take place tomorrow, 5pm UTC! Curious about moderation and censorship in the rapidly decentrifying world? The role of end to end encryption? Ho does WebRTC streaming affect all this? Join us and learn more!

This Week in Matrix is now available! Homeserver testing, Ditto news (React Native library!!), NovaChat updates, SMS bridging, Dendrite progress and MORE

Want to learn about ? Open Tech Will Save Us #6 will feature Sean DuBois, author of! Join us next Wednesday (5pm UTC), and click to learn how to join the live chat!

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Actually, do the opposite.

-Host your own mail server

-Host your own matrix homeserver

-Host your own mastodon instance

-Host your own DNS server if you can

Just do it securely and follow the good practices

Fight back on the centralization of the web.


Where will you be a week from now?
If you answered "preparing to watch Open Tech Will Save Us #6, with great speakers from @[email protected], the latest news about E2EE and MORE to be announced", then you were 100% correct!
Goes live 2020-09-09 5pm UTC!

This Week in Matrix is out now Matrix Live with the author of Hydrogen (new lightweight web client), plus loads of updates on servers, clients, bridges, bots and the things you'd expect to read about!

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