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Last night we had a great line-up of speakers for Open Tech Will Save Us #3 - @[email protected] spoke about Planetary and SSB, Annie discussed her work on Ditto, and Erik explained the performance work he's been doing on Synapse - watch now!

We're going live NOW! Open Tech Will Save Us! @[email protected] on Planetary/SSB + the need for decentralised social media, Annie from Ditto and why she likes React Native for mobile dev, plus ERIK on Synapse perf

We're going live for Open Tech Will Save Us in ONE HOUR FROM NOW! See @[email protected] discuss Planetary/SSB + the need for decentralised social media, Annie from Ditto and why she likes React Native for mobile dev, plus ERIK on Synapse perf

Open Tech Will Save Us today! Get ready to hear from @[email protected] speaking about Planetary (decentralised social), Annie from Ditto on the benefits of React Native, and Erik on the progress of Synapse perf

...and then come find us at :a720a2ce30bafe82623b6b784587760b184232b0fe32cad9f51801c18470b414 :D (no, it doesn't bridge to the the main network yet :)

Want a sneak peek Yggdrasil-powered P2P Matrix demo? Pick a peer from, spin up a local dendrite: GO111MODULE=on go get && ~/go/bin/dendrite-demo-yggdrasil -peer tcp://x.x.x.x:xxxx and point a local Riot at http://localhost:8008 😈

Synapse release candidate time. v1.15.0rc1 contains new SSO features and more perf work for worker installs. Check it out and help us test.

Open Tech Will Save Us 3 is happening tomorrow! 10th June, 5pm UTC! You'll hear Erik discuss the work to improve Synapse perf, Annie from Ditto on her use of React Native and MORE!

Have you watched Matrix Live this week? We had a fun chat with FOUR mobile client devs. If you enjoyed it, join us this Wednesday for Open Tech Will Save Us - when we'll be joined by Annie from Ditto for more React Native chat boosted

Hi Fediverse 👋

to celebrate the beauty of Free/Libre and Open Source Software, let's start a series of related artwork, shall we? 🎨

And why not just use corresponding logos to create it? 🙃

Let's start with:
- #Mastodon
- #Riot / @matrix
- @freedomboxfndn

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend 🙂

#ff #mastoart #floss

Watch Matrix Live! Its a fun one with FOUR Matrix mobile client devs, PLUS get all news about a new Scala homeserver, Dendrite progress, new MQTT-bridge, clients, bridges and MORE!

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Riot Web 1.6.3 is now available – it contains a few improvements as well as a security fix, so please update.


Great overview of @[email protected]'s entry to the Matrix ecosystem from the @[email protected] point of view!

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Automattic Invests $4.6M in New Vector, Creators of the Matrix Open Standard for Decentralized Communication


Open Tech Will Save Us is back! No. 3! Annie from Ditto will discuss the importance of UX in Open Source, and how she uses React Native to make it happen, Eric will explore work he's been doing to improve Synapse perf, PLUS more TBA! 10th June! Next Wed!

Excited about P2P Matrix and want more gory details? Look no further than @[email protected]'s notes at! Also, check out @[email protected]'s thoughts on future P2P Matrix directions at 🤖🤖🤖

We just shipped v0.1.1 of the P2P Matrix proof-of-concept - and have put together a write-up explaining the project to formally introduce the project, given we're at the point now where you can actually start playing with it! 🎉🎊🦩

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"The must create a region-wide secure standard for online communications to avoid discussions between officials being hacked by either criminals or foreign governments", says 🇪🇪 DefMin Jüri Luik @[email protected]

Ehm, you mean something like @[email protected] ?


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What a lovely opportunity to chat about our amazing adventure with our open-source private chat service which is built on the @[email protected] decentralized communication system. Thanks for having me @[email protected] !


Hey folk, it's time for This Week in Matrix! Featuring a time-travelling DAG visualiser, a fun demos video, news on clients, servers, specs and MORE

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