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A follow on Synapse release candidate for you. Give v1.10.0rc2 a spin and help us test.

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If you want your @[email protected] alerts delivered to you instantly over Slack-like webhooks, but you want open-source, is the way to go


Aww - thanks @[email protected] for featuring @[email protected] on the recommended app screen that you get after a fresh install! :D

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Do you need a chat? We are really not sure (it's very cool, but also very geeky!), but if you want to try it, we host it for you


happened! We just published a quick wrap-up of the conference and videos of all the talks :D Thanks once again to everyone who came to our talks and spoke to us :)

Partial Matrix team heading back to London! Cheers 🍻 to an amazing everyone!

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Exciting to see for Matrix is enabled by default! (developer version only so far)
They seem to have really thought a lot about how this will avoid issues seen in other protocols.
Multi-device cross-signing, searching, better ux, bots, scaling, etc.


Demo time in K1.105! E2e encryption is enabled by default in Matrix!

The team is confident that cross-signing and QR verif is ready for the Big Release, and that e2e can be turned on by default in Matrix πŸ€”

Here wo go! get ready as Matrix is about to turn e2e encryption by default! Happening in K1.105 now! Or live on

Wondering when encryption UX in @[email protected] will be smoother so you can recommend a properly decentralised and secure chat app to your mum? Come to check it out at 4pm in K1.105 and watch @[email protected] try to break it on stage!

The room is probably going to be too small for the Matrix P2P talk... But fear not! If you’re failing to get in watch it live from

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