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Rise and shine , we're here at Ravensbourne University, 6th floor in the space! Come and chat to us - here's Brendan setting up our demo, and taking time to review the many bridges we support!

Come find Matrix at the MozFest Science Fair at the RSA in London! We'll also be available Saturday and Sunday at Ravensbourne, where we'll be doing live demos

A brand spanking new Synapse release candidate for you. v1.5.0rc1 contains a super fast room directory. Check it out and help us test.

Freenode bridge should be back around midnight UTC. Apologies again for the outage - normal service will be restored asap.

We're busy switching datacenter for the homeserver to recover IO performance. We've had to turn off the freenode bridge temporarily to give us room to work; apologies :(

The homeserver is just about up again; we're airlifting data off as quickly as possible (which will be ~24h; lots of data) to entirely separate hosting with more reliable IO. Huge apologies for the outage; N.B. that the rest of Matrix is unaffected.

Further IO problems on the homeserver; we're in the process of migrating to more reliable hardware over the coming days. Apologies for the outages :(

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Riot Web 1.5 features improved screenreader & keyboard navigation support + our brand new message composer, developed from scratch to enhance accessibility & support non-latin character input (e.g. Chinese, Japanese). Read all about it on our new blog:


Hello OggCamp, ready for day 2? Come find us in the exhibition room to see our decentralisation demo - Matrix around the world!

Good morning OggCamp! Looking forward to meeting and re-meeting you all today! Come see the matrix table in the exhibition room 🤯

Hello world; we've just released Synapse 1.4.1 as a small but important bugfix to 1.4.0; anyone on 1.4.0 should upgrade. See for the details. (Sorry for the Friday release, but we wanted to ship this before anyone else got bitten).

A new Synapse release candidate for you 1.4.1rc1, it fixes a redaction bug introduced in 1.4.0, check it out to help us test.

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