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Grab your friends folks! Now is the time in

T-30mins for our mainstage talk, showing of the (almost) final @[email protected] redesign, more than you could ever hope to know about Matrix 1.0, and of course a peek behind the curtain of the French Matrix deployment. Folks: don your balaclavas and head over to Janson now!!

RT @[email protected]: folks, come grab your 10% discount off Modular in K2.20 on the @[email protected] stand! For all your Matrix hosting needs!!


Brave the snow and come have a chat in K2.20 before @[email protected] โ€˜s ralk at 2pm in Janson! Come hear about the french deployment, Matrix 1.0, @[email protected] new design!

Our latest and greatest Synapse release candidate v0.99.0rc4 Many thanks to everyone who has helped test so far. Give it a try.

also, weโ€™ll be hanging out at the Matrix stand near the Realtime Lounge in the deepest darkest corner of the first floor of K building if you want to sync in person :)

starts tomorrow in Brussels! Come hear all about Matrix 1.0 and the French Matrix Deployment at Janson, 2pm Sat ( and crazy low bandwidth Matrix transports at 10:40 Sun ( in the RTC Dev Room (H.1309). See you there!!

Another Synapse release candidate for you v0.99.0rc3. If you'd like to help us test it, give it a spin.

Interesting indiegogo campaign to provide home hubs (EU only) preloaded with synapse+riot and nextcloud. They're not affiliated with, but worth a look!

RT @[email protected] We are launching a new initiative: Mist. Take back full control over your data and get a cloud at home! Support our crowdfunding campaign at


(back as of about 15 mins ago.) homeserver is struggling due to a problem in an experimental room version; weโ€™re on the case.

RT @[email protected]: update on @[email protected] @[email protected] client for : "I am pleased to announce that over the next week I will be working to make Fractalโ€™s UI adaptive for the Librem 5โ€™s launch. This contract began last week, and I already have some results to show off."


Psst...don't tell anyone, but we have a new release candidate for Synapse v0.99.0rc2, v0.99 is the final minor version ahead of the upcoming v1.0 release. It contains all the S2S r0 API work which we need to test before declaring 1.0, help much appreciated

lands next weekend! Thereโ€™s an interview in advance of our mainstage talk (Sat 2pm) up at -please come! Meanwhile, weโ€™re rushing around preparing RCs for Matrix 1.0, Synapse, *and* the Riot redesign so we can show off all the new stuff. Fun times!!

This Week in Matrix, with an interview of the head of @[email protected] (SaaS Homeservers), latest Matrix spec news, Synapse->r0 endgame, matrix-puppet-slack new release, the return of journal (Matrix blogging), new Lisp library and more!