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Huge congratulations to @osi's former President @josh as well as to @matrix on the new Role. So happy that a bunch of people I like so much have all found each other!

#OpenSource #Chat #interoperabilty

Today is a big day: we're excited to welcome Josh Simmons as the first ever Managing Director of The Foundation! 🎉

This is a big step toward fully realizing the Foundation's role as an independent, neutral steward for Matrix. Learn more about why we hired a Managing Director and what @josh will be focused on:

@myoan @brennansv That's a fascinating design concept! Matrix being a federated system would lend itself to some of what you're thinking about. We've been very happy to see many open source communities embracing Matrix. Let us know if you have any questions!

The more we can get open source communities out of walled gardens like Discord or Slack, the better. We're fans of @MattermostFR too!

@cpluspatch Hey, thanks for building on Matrix! That's awesome. We'll have a better suited front door for submissions like this in the future, but for now, best route is to email [email protected] and we can take it from there.

@toby Thank you for asking! It's a great idea, and something we'd love to do someday, as naturally it's very much in line with our mission and values.

Transparently, though, it's not currently planned, and it's possible we'd need to maintain some sort of presence on GitHub in order to facilitate collaboration with those contributors who, for whatever reason, will remain on the centralized platform.

Work going on to restore the Libera Chat bridge, a neat new client, and the latest information from the matrix community summit… that and more happened this week in Matrix

Heads-up the @matrix website Atom feed now only returns the last 15 entries.

It previously returned all the articles since 2014, weighing a whopping 13MB that caused issues with some RSS readers.

I'm aware Inoreader doesn't reflect new entries since July, I'm reaching out to fix the problem on either side

@houbey Hi there! Unfortunately the options may be limited here, but the your best bet is to reach out to the team at [email protected].

@lutindiscret Good question to direct to the team who shared that particular update 😃

@smallcircles Sorry for the inconvenience! Please stay tuned, we look forward to providing an update on this.

New spec release, KDE integration, ement.el improvements, and more! Find out what's been happening in Matrix this week 🗞️

@maxgot @element Please stay tuned, this is very much a live matter for the teams involved.

@hubert @cubicgarden Thank you for pointing that out! There's room for improvement here that's on our list to address.

@cubicgarden Oh, yes! Thank you for highlighting this. We have an affinity for open standards, so this seems like a natural step for us to take. We'll fold that into our plans!

Matrix 1.8 is here! Largely a maintenance release, we're excited this release includes room version 11 and sees another 9 MSCs formally adopted into the spec 👏

Learn more about this release and what's on deck for 1.9 in the blog post:

@vintprox @liberachat gives a bit more context from our side. Since then, a security issue was identified with the persistent connection code, which Libera used as reason to terminate the bridge until it (and the other existing issues) are resolved.

@darnell @dansup @firefish @element it’s not a version mismatch, but very hard to track down bugs on the 3 respective platforms (web, ios & android). our solution has been to rebuild on a single codebase (rust) and fix the bugs in one place - which is now almost ready; only Element Web/Desktop is yet to migrate.

@pnutzh4x0r @weechat @ndlug nb that while weechat-matrix works impressively well, it’s currently stuck in a python->rust transition, somewhat sidetracked by its matrix-rust-sdk ending up as the core of the flagship Element X clients. so, be careful that it’s a little undermaintained atm!

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