Well here we go, a Synapse release candidate fresh from the press. 1.6.0rc1 contains federation support for cross signing, version 5 rooms by default and prep for database sharding. Check it out if you would like to help us test github.com/matrix-org/synapse/

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I met @[email protected] today, to talk about the challenges of being open source, federated, secure *and* thinking about content issues.

They think these goals are compatible, and can be done better than in closed, centralised environments.

This is very interesting!

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@Sujee @anarchiv @squire not sure that xmpp is intrinsically more secure, but it does have different tradeoffs - eg Matrix is a protocol for replicating conversation history, while XMPP is for message passing. Is storing/syncing chat history intrinsically more secure than passing msgs? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Jumping on the @matrix bandwagon, via #Riot. Who wants to chat #privacy, #FOSS and all that fun stuff?

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Using @[email protected] to notify me via @[email protected] when the temperature drops below 20°C, meaning that my boiler goes in error state while waiting for the heating guy to come and fix this...

At least, I can reset the boiler before it's too cold!

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Get the latest news from the Matrix project and ecosystem - also the return of Matrix Live, with a chat (ha!) with the author of Ditto Chat, a new React Native client matrix.org/blog/2019/11/15/thi

Database migration to new hardware is complete and so far things look pretty promising. We'll be doing further migrations over the next few days, but hopefully the root cause of the recent disruptions is now solved.

Over the next few hours we'll be migrating the matrix.org homeserver database cluster to bare-metal hardware in order to regain reliable IO. Apologies again for the recent disruption, but we're almost out the other side (hopefully).

matrix.org homeserver is still suffering badly from IO problems. we’re trying to accelerate the migration to the new datacentre. sorry for the outage :(

Freenode bridge overloaded the matrix.org homeserver due to netsplits, meanwhile IO problems are still there. HOWEVER, we have a new datacenter ready to go which benchmarks ~10x faster - expecting to migrate over early next week.

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We're at the @[email protected] in Paris promoting @[email protected] today - if you're a government wanting an encrypted self-sovereign alternative to WhatsApp or Slack then come talk to us in the corner of the exhibition space!

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@ptman we’d like it to be consistent to avoid maintaining two codepaths

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We're considering changing how tab-complete works in Riot/Web in order to improve accessibility. Rather than overriding & trapping the tab key to cycle over the options, the idea is to press tab to start completing, up/down to pick an option, and then tab or enter to accept.

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PSA: We've been made aware of attempts to scan for private Matrix servers and join rooms from their room directories. ***Please make sure your room directory and rooms are locked down if you run a private server** - for more details see: matrix.org/blog/2019/11/09/avo. Please pass it on

This week eh? Matrix eh? What's been going on? Got you covered. This Week in Matrix is here, enjoy. matrix.org/blog/2019/11/08/thi

Attention Matrix developers: Matrix Client Server API r0.6.0 and Identity Service API r0.3.0 is out. These mainly incorporate the MSCs which went into the privacy/GDPR related work over the last few months - matrix.org/blog/2019/11/08/cli has the gory details :)

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