🔵 WordPress Project to Evaluate Replacing Slack with Matrix Open Source Chat @matrixdotorg @matrix
by Sarah Gooding @pollyplummer at @wptavern

@didek yup. although likelihood is that synapse will continue to mature as the typical server and dendrite will focus on small/embedded use cases.

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Discord is the worst thing to happen to niche communities. A forum that cant be archived, can't be read without membership, cant be indexed on Google or Wayback for searchability. We let one company monopolize the majority of our communication.

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We have launched our new online voting system for GMs. It is @matrix based and you need the #element app on mobile (or head to on your laptop), to vote.

Download the app and then follow the steps! :balliol: 💕

- Click I already have an account.
- Click 'Edit' where my conversations live
- Change this to
- Click continue with SAML and log in with your SSO

- Email [email protected] with any problems!

Performance updates in Synapse, 100% parity with Synapse for the server-server API in Dendrite, and Element X Android progressing well.

That, and much more happened this week in Matrix!

@ff7 don’t leave the beta; the beta setting will disappear in favour of a normal on/off setting shortly

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🚨 Product update 🚨

Threads is now live on all platforms... we repeat, threads is now live on all platforms!

A big thanks to the team for all their hard work on this and we hope you're in your Element using it 💚

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It's been a while, but yesterday we released Dendrite 0.10.9, containing our first Helm chart, several bug fixes and optimizations™

@roadriverrail @kkarhan @blender if VRML had come with decentralised communication primitives, a mature content authoring system (not openinventor), built in editor, high performance implementations, and a sandboxed client scripting environment that supported a wide range of scripting and native languages, and hardware which supported it well… then perhaps it would be a better analogy :)

@roadriverrail @kkarhan @blender VRML /could/ be a similar analogy, but having played with both, this makes VRML feel like gopher. Just like JS at first felt like a strange bodgy hack on the web for annoying popups and animations, before folks finally realised it could create a whole new class of networked crossplatform apps, thirdroom’s engine can support a whole new class of interoperable multiparty spatial collaboration in the idiom of the open web.

@kkarhan @blender this is similar to saying that the Web should have stuck to static HTML, that JS and webapps are a disaster and that apps should be left to the desktop. You are missing the point that Matrix is & always has been a communication protocol; explicitly not just for chat. We don’t want to live in a world where Facebook owns communication in spatial apps like they have with WhatsApp, and that is why a tiny % of Element’s $ goes to supporting Third Room.

Indescribably exciting to have just been the first ever(!) person to enter Matrix in VR, thanks to @[email protected]'s first cut of WebXR support. Add in freeform scripting via our WebSG API and built-in direct-manipulation scene editor, and the possibilities will be infinite!! 🤯🚀👽 boosted

It was a good day at online #CreativeFreedomSummit! We chatted in @matrix room, got there #PeerTube stream and #Etherpad widgets, just-in-time transcribed captions synchronized with the speakers as well (very convenient for folks that can't rely on sound for whatever reason, #a11y). Heard a lot of useful insights about #Inkscape and #Penpot, my questions got answers. :rickhey:

Two more days of the summit are coming, starting with the scheduled stream in <17 hours from the time I post this. 🔴 boosted

Anyways, I’m not sure how accesible Matrix is, but there is like a web client etc. Maybe it could at least be a place to try building a community there?

@rija github login will still work. github accesss control to rooms will not (yet) unfortunately - you’ll have to keep the permissions manually synced.

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