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Thinking about: a static JS file you can attach to your site with one line (plus optional configuration settings) that adds an entire community, powered by Matrix on the back-end.

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@[email protected] @[email protected] @[email protected] @[email protected] it's quite encouraging that their review is posted on matrix.org and they do evaluate ActivityPub, Matrix, and even XMPP. Some of the nay-sayers seem too negative - it takes time to get this right, and if @[email protected] @[email protected] is collaborating that's all good.

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It's not "late", maybe you're early! This Week in Matrix is out now, featuring SO MUCH NEWS about Matrix, plus a Matrix Live chat with the Matrix instance contollers at @[email protected] matrix.org/blog/2021/01/22/thi

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I wrote about how messaging got so siloed and broken, and why apps like Beeper might be the beginning of something better protocol.com/beeper-messaging-

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In decentralized social networks, communities can set their own moderation policies, but what tools are available for enforcement?

I wrote about technical approaches to decentralized moderation, and what could use more experimentation and research.

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J'ai écrit un p'tit article rapidement pour mes ami(e)s et ma famille, pour qu'ils comprennent les enjeux autour de WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram et Matrix, mnt.io/2021/01/19/bye-bye-what

À destination de ceux qui ne connaissent rien en réseau, chiffrement, sécurité…

Le gagnant: Matrix

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Working virtually through the pandemic, this group self-organized, invited additional experts, and created a review of the ecosystem around protocols for social media. You can read it here: matrix.org/_matrix/media/r0/do

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@ACABen getting a free jailbroken iphone seemed like a rather cool solution to us, actually :)

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Slack has entered the Matrix: Element builds a bridge to realm of encrypted, decentralised comms reg.cx/3Yhv

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@petrichor if the homeservers are in rooms which are bigger and busier then yes, it will have some knock-on impact.

Activity on the matrix.org homeserver has been up 5x over the last few days, and we started to get dangerously close to the ceiling on the Synapse master process again... so we just fixed it with more workers (as per matrix.org/blog/2020/11/03/how)!

Hot off the press, Dendrite 0.3.6 contains a nice list of fixes and improvements, now with multi-arch Docker images on Docker Hub for ARMv7/ARM64! github.com/matrix-org/dendrite

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Ir de a /#Signal puede ser un atajo pero el camino es el nuevo protocolo de @[email protected], código abierto, comunicación descentraliza federada sobre HTTP permite responder al mismo tiempo mensajes de plataformas diversas. Nueva generación en el uso de la red twitter.com/cnnee/status/13501

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