@deejoe sorry, you're saying our toots on mastodon aren't sufficiently mastodon-native for you, and so we're not promoting FOSS enough? we're focused on building Matrix, not polishing twitter/mastodon crossposters.

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Since the @[email protected] organizers chose to register :matrix.org and make it invite only, I made :matrix.org for hackers that feel we have an ethical obligation to promote open software over nonsense like Discord.

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Lucky for all of us, This Week in Matrix is now available! Matrix Live with Timo from Conduit discussing his homeserver, big Dendrite/P2P progress, big Fractal release and a lot more than fits in a tweet! matrix.org/blog/2020/08/07/thi

Ready for the weekend? Roll on next Wednesday when we'll be hosting Open Tech Will Save Us #5! We'll be chatting about pine64, WASM+IoT (a winning combination!) and nerding out over the new design and branding from Element matrix.org/open-tech-will-save

@buckket we didn't say it's not possible; we said that it has to be explicitly configured/authorised by the chanop :/ Alternatively, it could be a bug or regression, in which case we'd jump on it as a security issue - hence politely asking you to tell us how to reproduce it.

@buckket no, if a user joins on the Matrix side, the bridge spins up an IRC client (just like a bouncer) and connects them on the IRC side, before sharing any room history with them. You should never be able to have invisible users on the Matrix side of the bridge who are not matches to IRC clients on the IRC side (unless the chanop explicitly authorised it that way).

@buckket the IRC bridges run by matrix.org preserve IRC history semantics (i.e. you can't see history from before you joined), unless the chanops explicitly special-case the channel to share history. If you're seeing anything else it's a bug or a regression. Please DM us the channel you're talking about so we can investigate.

Open Tech Will Save Us #5 is taking place in one week! Hear from Matthew of @[email protected], Jonathan (@[email protected]) on the exciting use of WASM in IoT, plus Nad from @[email protected] will be discussing his recent rebranding work! matrix.org/open-tech-will-save

@loziniak then please go use a matrix server that isn't behind cloudflare. @batalanto @hyploma @nurinoas

It's time to read This Week in Matrix! Get updates on Dendrite, Conduit, Synapse, NovaChat, gomuks, the spec, and many more! matrix.org/blog/2020/07/31/thi

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Can everyone please just switch to @[email protected], and then we can all federate and chat with each other without centralizing on a particular corporation and juggling so many different clients? It's working really well for @[email protected] and @[email protected]

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🔥🧨💥 Now we’re live, we’d like to officially welcome and introduce the all-new Element app for Android!! (the app formerly known as RiotX)💥🍾🎉


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Hey you! We have Synapse release candidate ready to go check it out if you would like to help us test. 1.18.0rc2 contains sharding support for federation senders, client readers and push workers. github.com/matrix-org/synapse/

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We have a Matrix system set up at riot.hope.net to help you connect with other attendees, participate in Q&A, and register for workshops. If you run into problems, contact the Help Desk ([email protected]).

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Folks, two Sygnal releases for you. v0.7.1 is a security release, if you run Sygnal please upgrade ASAP (github.com/matrix-org/sygnal/r). v0.8.0 is regular feature release (github.com/matrix-org/sygnal/r). Enjoy.

@txt_file you can riot in your element if you so desire :)

Time for This Week in Matrix! Check out Matrix Live for bridging news, Dendrite progress, P2P, and just so many things! matrix.org/blog/2020/07/24/thi

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