#Matrix, the decentralized communication protocol, has launched Matrix 2.0, featuring improvements in usability and performance, including instant login, encrypted large-scale voice and video conferencing, and faster room joins.

@Blort yup, we do, because we've been dogfooding it on our main accounts for months. this isn't really a beta, but an early stable release (with some features missing). it does have registration, but only for homeservers with native OIDC set up, and there's not a migration tool for existing homeservers yet.

The Community Summit, Matrix 2.0, Element X Ignition, and automatic purging of forgotten rooms in Synapse… that and more happened This Week in Matrix!


Since announcing the idea of 2.0 at , we've been busy building out full real-world implementations for folks to play with, and today we're super excited to take the wraps off Matrix 2.0: The Future of Matrix. matrix.org/blog/2023/09/matrix 👀🎉🎊🍾👀

Community maintained moderation tools, a MSC hoping to make room upgrades smoother, and plenty of clients updates. That, and much more happened This Week in Matrix!


:matrix: Great interview with the new head of the #Matrix Foundation @josh and the rest of the team discussing an exciting future for the #OpenSource community and distributed secure communication. Definitely worth a watch:


Element X Android in production, appservices support dropped in the rust SDK, and a chance to get a MSC2997 t-shirt for real.

That, and much more happened This Week in Matrix !


That's right people, the @matrix Foundation has a new boss, and I'm excited to build things together.

Matthew & Amandine grilled @josh to know what he's about, and he has a lot to tell.


Progress on the Matrix Server List after a month away from computers.

There are still a few rough edges, but things are coming together to help people escape the gravity of the @matrix instance if they want to!

It's displaying dummy data, close to reality but not accurate

Exciting news, Android fans! The Element X preview has landed, delivering lightning-fast messaging. It's a sneak peek, with more to come.

Explore the blog for all the details: Read Now 👉 element.io/blog/element-x-andr

@glennf @gruber they haven’t backtracked at all? all they said is that they would only enforce it once the scanning tech is more reliable. it’s arguably even more pernicious, in terms of kicking it down the road. it’s bizarre that Signal is claiming this as a win, tbh. bbc.co.uk/news/technology-6671

Excited to have @josh joining us on the Matrix journey as Managing Director of the Foundation! 🎉
Big milestone in growing up the project and taking it to the next level as every day makes it more relevant! Welcome Josh! 😊


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