Happening tonight 7pm UTC! Matrix Meetup London: eventbrite.com/e/matrix-london for details and signup! Pizza, beer and Matrix news! Will be livestreamed, details to follow!

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You might be saying, "connect with me on @[email protected] " or "connect with me on @[email protected] ", on my side I say;
"connect with me in the " @[email protected]:matrix.org
@[email protected] :)

You can get in the matrix by different pills. I use @[email protected] riot.im/app

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Hi all - Synapse 1.11 was released on Friday, restoring alias management via MSC2432 and host of general improvements & bug fixes. matrix.org/blog/2020/02/24/syn.

Hello London! Are you signed up for the Matrix Meetup event? Join us the 26th February at Second Home in Spitalfields! PS there will be: presentations about Matrix, decentralisation talk, beer and pizza! eventbrite.com/e/matrix-london

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@Soft_Missy Your requirements may differ from mine of course. For me, @matrix is a natural fit. It allows to run your own instance if needed. It has E2EE built-in. There are multiple implementations for both server and client. Some people favor Signal, but that's a no-go for me due to centralization and only their blessed client being allowed to connect to this central service. For some communities, #RocketChat or #Mattermost are options. Don't know any other alternatives that would fit for me.

This Week In Matrix is here! Featuring news, Matrix Live with KB1RD on matrix-notepad, Synapse 1.11 and upcoming major perf fixes, free Radicals, Dad Bots and SO MUCH MORE! matrix.org/blog/2020/02/21/thi

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Now that Mozilla's IRC replacement is officially announced, it is time to tell you where you can find the team on the Matrix: matrix.to/#/#Accessibility:moz. We're all hanging out there and discuss all engineering in the open again. \o/ Come join us! twitter.com/matrixdotorg/statu

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Mozilla's move to @matrix has officially been opened for the general public last night. Blog post here: exple.tive.org/blarg/2020/02/2

You can find the Mozilla #a11y team here: matrix.to/#/#Accessibility:moz.

And if you missed my introduction to the #Riot web interface for screen reader users in December, here it is: marcozehe.de/2019/12/20/how-to

@txt_file use weechat-matrix or something if you don't like Riot/Desktop?

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"Many of our engineering and ops teams are idling or archiving their Slack channels and have moved entirely to Matrix, and that trend isn’t slowing down either."

If Matrix is good enough for @[email protected], it's surely good enough for you. Don't create yet another Slack workspace. twitter.com/matrixdotorg/statu

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It's great to see adoption of an open successor to IRC with all the great features you'd expect of a modern communications network! twitter.com/matrixdotorg/statu

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