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RT @[email protected]: The KDE community is adding @[email protected] to its instant messaging communication infrastructure. Join our server, get a cool KDE handle and become part of the KDE conversation.


We're very happy to officially welcome @[email protected] onto Matrix as they spin up their very own homeserver for (powered by @[email protected]) and adopt Matrix as their primary chat mechanism!!

@Wolf480pl @switchingsocial sure, but there’s a bootstrapping problem there. we are basically at the point of having a 1.0 spec at last which can unlock alt server impls properly at last.

@Wolf480pl @switchingsocial because there are several impls in active dev which will succeed the initial one? without an open standard there would be none.

@switchingsocial thanks!! the only tweaks might be to mention:
* Matrix is an open standard managed by the non-profit Foundation (so folks are constantly building clients, bots, bridges etc)
* Matrix supports E2E encryption based around the Double Ratchet Algorithm (as popularised by Signal)
* Matrix isn’t just federated (like email) but also decentralised (like git). Each conversation is replicated over all participating servers so there is *no* single point of control or failure. boosted

#SimpleMatrix a Client built for @matrix now starts to follow the Material Spec more closely and is preparing for the first fdroid stable release in the next few weeks :D

@pagrus @selea the server (synapse) is still a bit of a dog but getting better. now 1.0 is almost here we can finally focus on perf over correctness again boosted

I can really recommend you to set up your own #matrix homeserver!
@matrix has made it really simple to set it up on a debian based machine thanks to their .deb package.

Thanks you @matrix , great work!

@Lapineige it does. somethibg else must be up

If you need to catch up on the avalanche Matrix news this week, start right here! Backend roadmap, Riot 1.0 (wow!), E2E Python, Python sans i/o SDK, .net SDK, tag-manager (yes!), telegram bridge 0.5.0rc2 and many more!

(this resolved shortly afterwards - sorry for the outage and lag; hopefully we've clawed back some more headroom until the next wave of big perf improvements land)

RT @[email protected]: ICYMI: Matrix is a decentralized communications network aimed at giving users a viable alternative to tech monopolies


Hey hey, ever wonder what we'll be working on next? We published a roadmap for backend development - there's even a video

@toshiro yup, everyone not on the server is absolutely fine :)

the homeserver is struggling thanks to all the traffic surrounding Riot 1.0 release - we're at almost double ambient traffic. working on a fix.

@migratory To encrypt your chat, hit the cog button at the top right or click on the room name to go to Settings. Then in Security/Privacy you can turn on encryption. You have 6 copies of Riot listed because you'll have logged in on 6 different browser sessions; go to User Settings (click on your name in the top left) to view the 'devices' and delete the ones you are no longer using. boosted boosted

@matrix Emoji device verification!! awesome 😁