Heads up that since 12:30 UTC, the matrix.org synapse has been running 2 sharded event persister workers: the 1st time we've ever split the job of DB writing across multiple workers! CPU is reassuringly halved & solves one of the big remaining bottlenecks in Synapse.

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Ok - new chat is coming down! It's looking freaking DOOOPE. Maybe this weekend if I get time? Matrix is awesome.

The in-world chat is on the left, and joining the same room with a native Mac OS Matrix chat client on the right.

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Your in-world chat client will only be connected to two rooms at a time ( and -1234), but you can connect to the matrix chat using Riot if you want to chat with people in other parcels.

This is going to be a great replacement for call bells!

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Inspired by the @[email protected] integrations @[email protected] is doing we bridged @[email protected] to Discord to Matrix by using a bridge bot in the same channel as the Hubs bot, works both ways! Webaverse Discord: discord.gg/9M8awV8

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Open Tech Will Save Us #5 is taking place in one week! Hear from Matthew of @[email protected], Jonathan (@[email protected]) on the exciting use of WASM in IoT, plus Nad from @[email protected] will be discussing his recent rebranding work! matrix.org/open-tech-will-save

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Join our Matrix Community ahead of CommCon Virtual 2020! It's where we'll be housing all our Q&A sessions, conversations with sponsors and general chit-chat you'd normally get in "the hallway track". Sign up at buff.ly/2Yp4t4M or read buff.ly/2By6oLd for details

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Next Wednesday we'll present Open Tech Will Save Us #4, featuring @[email protected], all-around privacy, P2P and decentralisation fan, who will discuss the decentralized social media ecosystem that they're working on! matrix.org/open-tech-will-save

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Bereits jetzt sind die allermeisten Anwendungen im Backend der IT-Infrastruktur auf umgestellt. Diesen Kurs setzen wir konsequent fort. Das ambitionierte, aber realistische Ziel ist, dass wir bis 2025 aus allen -Anwendungen von aussteigen. Überblick:

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Announcement time:

We now have our own Matrix homeserver, and it is running on hardware just like the rest of our online infrastructure!

Did I also mention it's open for user registration? 😊

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Last night we had a great line-up of speakers for Open Tech Will Save Us #3 - @[email protected] spoke about Planetary and SSB, Annie discussed her work on Ditto, and Erik explained the performance work he's been doing on Synapse - watch now! youtube.com/watch?v=_fTREjXQCt

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