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🚨 Product update 🚨

Threads is now live on all platforms... we repeat, threads is now live on all platforms!

A big thanks to the team for all their hard work on this and we hope you're in your Element using it 💚

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Indescribably exciting to have just been the first ever(!) person to enter Matrix in VR, thanks to @[email protected]'s first cut of WebXR support. Add in freeform scripting via our WebSG API and built-in direct-manipulation scene editor, and the possibilities will be infinite!! 🤯🚀👽

Wikipedia now knows Matrix rooms, encrypted rooms support in hookshot, lots of clients updates… that and much more happened this week in Matrix!


Comedy glitching inside @[email protected] as two worlds get rather unfortunately splinched together... (complete with their separate WASM scriptlets :D)

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En 2022, trasladamos nuestra oficina vitual de a @[email protected]

En esta columna, les contamos como en Derechos Digitales decidimos implementar herramientas que nos permiten tener autonomía y seguridad en nuestras comunicaciones. buff.ly/3Pa2Lf5

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Ich glaub ich krieg Hunger auf m&ms :) Auf das "[m]" meint ja zum Glück was anderes, was zumindest daten- und sicherheitstechnisch gesünder ist :)

Bildquelle: doc.matrix.tu-dresden.de/image
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It's still snowing over here at Element...

Send '❄️' and let it snow in your chats too!

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Reddit is working on adopting the Matrix standard for Chats

You can see the “@…:reddit.com” Matrix ID in their internal chat room for testing, which I was able to join

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👏 Agréable et réussie la nouvelle interface web de @[email protected] !
Les agents de la fonction publique disposent d'un bel et efficient outil de messagerie instantanée reposant sur des briques libres.
cc @[email protected] @[email protected]

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🇩🇪📱 A huge round of applause to BWI which has just launched the official beta of BundesMessenger!

BundesMessenger is a modified version of Element, which we’re helping to develop and maintain 🤝

You can read the full scoop over on our blog: ➡️ element.io/blog/bundesmessenge

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"Third Room"
matrixプロトコル上で展開される非中央集権WebVR。WebGL2, Mozilla Hubs互換, VRMアバターなどテクニカルにいろいろヤバい案件だった

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Element X on iPad, perf improvements on Synapse, a ChatGPT bot, and a Matrix bridge to the video game Valheim.

That('s already a lot) and much more happened This Week in Matrix.


This week the Beeper gang was in Matrix Towers to talk about their gorgeous service… and how they are going to upstream their changes.

A fantastic app that contributes to the foundations they build on. Keep up the good work!


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We’ll be presenting @[email protected] in just a couple hours during Real Time Live at ! We’ll be showing off the latest features of Third Room and the WebSceneGraph API!

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We got exciting proposals already, and were asked to extend the CfP by a few days so people could finalise theirs.

We’re extending the Matrix.org Foundation and Community devroom CfP to December 8, 23:00 PT.


👪️ Opening up the Foundation membership
⚔️ The quest for an Executive Director
🚀 Quite a few bridges, clients and even events updates…

That and much more happened this week in Matrix!


Individual, Silver, Gold or Platinum? You can now join the Matrix Foundation and support core Matrix development, help steer the direction of the protocol and how best to fund it!

There's A LOT ahead of us: we're also looking for an Executive Director.


OTWSU is live in an hour. Take a seat, grab a snack, and come talk moderation of decentralised systems with us ⚖️

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Open Tech Will Save Us is back tomorrow, and… will it be enough to save us?

We're going to talk moderation with our guest: automation, politics, abuse, decentralised systems… how do they mix with Trust & Safety?

Come & ask your questions live.

⬇️ How to watch & chat ⬇️

🐦🔗: twitter.com/matrixdotorg/statu

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Nice to see more and more @[email protected] usage for events! Matrix spaces where already default for @[email protected] 3 and seems also @[email protected] will use it. great to see!

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