Awesome to see one of Mozilla's projects for enhancing Thunderbird/Instantbird's Matrix support! @[email protected]

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@matrix I'd never heard of instantbird. Is it still in development?

@jas I think the way it works is Thunderbird & Instantbird share the same Chat Core component. Thunderbird has it built in as Thunderbird Chat; Instantbird is a standalone XUL app. Given the last Instantbird release (1.5) was 2013, I think all the work these days is effectively going into Thunderbird. @clokep please feel free to correct!

@matrix Thanks for the info. I do email now in the browser, haven't use Thunderbird in ages, was thinking it was getting dropped, for some reason.

@jas Thunderbird is alive and well (despite Mozilla cutting funding(?) a few years ago) - I (@matthew) am completely dependent on it, with an IMAP tree of about 120K folders & 10s of million of mail. I'm not aware of any web interface which can compete, although SOGo does quite a good job. Will be even better with Matrix support!

@jas ah yes - have heard very good things, and there's interesting overlap between JMAP & Matrix. It's not FOSS though, and I can't self-host, so I think I'm stuck with T-bird :)

@matrix I'm not up to snuff on self-hosting, so ...

@matrix @jas @matthew Mozilla stopped putting development time into Thunderbird, but it has been being developed by the community since then. We've done a couple of major releases and have been fixing bugs, modernizing the code-base where possible, etc. Let me know if you have questions!

@matrix @jas That's a pretty decent summary! Instantbird still gets developed, we keep running into roadblocks for releasing. Nightlies work well. Backend (e.g. protocols) & some UI is shared between Instantbird/Thunderbird: what we call "Chat Core".

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