France confirms that Matrix (and Riot) is the basis for their upcoming secure communication app for official government use, and will be 100% FOSS! Exciting times :D

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@matrix and that's the story of how government communication systems became even slower!
Jokes aside, awesome news! Awesome to see that federated/decentralised software is becoming more prominent

@howl hopefully that's the story of how a government forced us to make damn sure Matrix can scale successfully to government-scale levels ;P

@matrix Nice save ;) hopefully dendrite will be able to make things somewhat better.
@howl @matrix Matrix is too complex, and dendrite is too hard to deploy because someone decided to use kafka instead of optimizing the performance by simplicity.

@kurisu @howl wut? kafka is an optional dependency for dendrite (that said, dendrite is still alpha).


nothing more excited than becoming assimilated into the state

@zeezeemoomoo @matrix the state is using a foss technology, and will make public servants abandon proprietary software... And Vector probably gets tons of money for it! I don't see how this is anything but good. Matrix is a needed piece in the Foss puzzle

@zeezeemoomoo pretty sure we're not getting assimilated here :P

@ster @zeezeemoomoo nobody's assimilated anyone anywhere :) France is doing all their stuff as 100% FOSS, and the project is looking cautiously positive.

.@matrix the switch to using non-commercial technologies is the best evidence that Macron's government is probably not corrupt. Nobody would believe a FOSS project bribed the them to be chosen as a contractor :-)

@matrix Esta noticia es la caaaañññaaaaaaa.....

@shevek @matrix leo por ahi que hay dudas acerca de la privacidad, como que pide mucha informacion, no tengo claro si tambien ocurre cambiando de cliente y usando otros servidores distintos del central de matrix. La idea de un protocolo abierto y con vocacion de federar es muy buena

por una parte @matrix
es "equivalente" a #activitypub u #ostatus aquí . Es, por así decirlo, el protocolo e infraestructura lógica necesaria. Esto es sólo una analogía para comprenderlo.

En su FAQ explican todo en términos claros con enlaces técnicos

#Matrix no retiene ni almacena datos, los gestores "malosos" de un servidor podrían hacerlo igual que uno de #xmpp o aquí mismo.


This isn't a good sign everything the french government touches in free software turns bad.
Be careful.

This is crazy indeed! I'm quite surprised, although the French public sector has some history of using Free Software, that such still geeky FOSS is being deployed here!

Is the French government providing any funding support for Matrix. They could surely send the project on leaps and bounds!!!

@ster we're getting some indirect support in exchange for prioritising some dev and advising on how best to deploy. it's certainly helping to keep us on the right track and everyone benefits from the work :)

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