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BIG NEWS: We're super excited to preannounce the world's first ever Matrix-native smartphone: the Librem 5!!

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@matrix i guess just don't understand that purism project. First time glancing over the article i thought that it will be a matrix smartphone, like, what? why?
@hj @matrix if it's another round of snake oil like it was with their first librem release, they should be sunk to the depths of the Lake Baikal.

@awg @hj It's legitimate, as far as we know :) The idea is simply to have a phone running Debian (PureOS technically) which uses a native Matrix client as its native dialler & messaging app. Obviously we'd have to ship that app (and they'd have to ship the hardware and the rest of the OS), but unsure that counts as snakeoil...

@matrix @hj I meant no offence to the matrix project, directly or indirectly. clearly the software is not snake oil, and I apologise if that's what I seemed to be implying.

purism, otoh, has already established itself as a company that makes unrealistic promises about the "freedom" of their hardware, some of which they've yet to come completely clean about their ability to ever deliver on.  so they've a bit of work to do to restore faith in their integrity as company, I feel. obviously, if they deliver this new hardware as promised, it's a win-win for everyone.

in any case, I wish your project incredible success!

@matrix jeez oh man what am i supposed to do with the smartphone microfactory i just put together?

@matrix @amphetamine This sounds really exiting, I was looking for a secure OS, and a new phone. Now to see the actual details of both...