Since announcing the idea of 2.0 at , we've been busy building out full real-world implementations for folks to play with, and today we're super excited to take the wraps off Matrix 2.0: The Future of Matrix. 👀🎉🎊🍾👀

Massive! Matrix ecosystem rocks, and it's about to get even better. Thank you for your work!

@matrix no message history is a big hit... and I can't seem to change my theme in the Android app, that's upsetting...

@matrix All the Matrix 2.0 stuff looks awesome, and I hope that funding increases as a result of the increased stability, speed, and feature set of clients that will support it.

@matrix About a year ago, my company decided to move completely to a #Microsoft 365 subscription, including Teams, mail, etc.

As part of that, we abandoned our previous #Jitsi VC, #Matrix, #seafile and mail installations that we had been running on-premises until then.

About a year later, it's hard to describe how much I miss them all, but especially Matrix. It just kicks ass when it comes to usability, for example.

Good luck with the project!

@matrix Matrix 2.0 + Element X (stable) will revolutionize the Matrix experience

Seems like I'm soon starting to suggest friends to move our groups to Matrix 👀

@[email protected] Great work! Very excited to try out the new client. When will the new client be released on fdroid repositories?

@matrix okay but are you gonna fix any of the UI bugs in Element

@matrix This is exciting! Is there a timeline for rolling out these new features to Synapse?

Super exciting to see, especially the new video call stuff via #Element Call. I'm really hoping this makes connecting calls more reliable.

Does anyone know if #ElementX supports #UnifiedPush like @element yet? Sending all my notifications through #Google is a hard pass for me.

The new #design looks sweet. Great job to all involved!

@Blort @matrix no UP yet, sadly. (And Element's UP support was a 3rd party contribution, so it's not on Element X's roadmap yet)

Uhh... you're asking people to test #ElementX, but it doesn't seem to have any way to register an account?

This seems like it's going to pretty drastically limit how much testing you get. Do you really expect people to use their longstanding, main accounts on a beta client with huge sections of new code? 😱

@Blort yup, we do, because we've been dogfooding it on our main accounts for months. this isn't really a beta, but an early stable release (with some features missing). it does have registration, but only for homeservers with native OIDC set up, and there's not a migration tool for existing homeservers yet.


So, can you suggest a couple of servers where registration works with Element X? The option didn't seem to be there for

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