I think this looks like an acceptable mobile version for the @matrix Server List.

I'm sad I couldn't use a proper <dialog> for it, but it was incredibly painful to position properly and I couldn't find extensive info about its peculiarities on MDN.

@raphael @matrix not quite yet as I need to import the actual data and make sure it stays up to to date.

In the meantime you can check @austin 's very cool servers.joinmatrix.org

@raphael @matrix @austin I'm also working on a blog post explaining what this work is articulated with to make sure Matrix.org doesn't become the Gmail of Matrix

@raphael @matrix For @austin 's site you probably want github.com/vector-im/it-intern

For the matrix.org one, I'm going to do a proper call for homeserver admins before the grand opening so they can opt-in and add their instance data

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