#RSE Community building in 🇩🇪 by @sdruskat
Where there are 31k research institutions and it has a very fragmented discipline/domains structure.
The association was created with a board of 6 people before the community in itself. In retrospect, it would have been better to have more people to be able to better support the community that was starting to grow.
Some questions to the audience:
- how to scale community calls when it becomes bigger?
- use of persistent chat. They are using @RocketChat but they miss a workspace interface where to list all the channels.


@sdruskat I know a friend of mine will suggest @matrix and their communities interface for the chatting platform issue 😅

@dvdgc13 @matrix Oh, it's been suggested of course, and it's definitely being looked into along with another alternative 😉.


@sdruskat @dvdgc13 let us know if we can help or give any insight/advice :)

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