Following a series of stability issues, the Libera.Chat team has requested that the Matrix / Libera.Chat bridge be disabled until we can resolve them. Read the full announcement below

@matrix honestly? Not a shock for me, appservice-* bridges quite suck in terms of stability, weird errors, crashes, dropping messages, cannot be removed easily... self-hosting them has been nothing but a headache of constant maintenance and applying patches from unpulled pull requests.
mautrix-* bridges do what appservice-* do but much better and are much more stable and reliable.
That's insane, hopefully the team works and fixes your bridges anytime soon.


> We send our sincere apologies to anyone caught up in this decision and unable to reach folks on the Libera side.

@liberachat seems to differ?

Can we please get more details on this side?

@vintprox @liberachat gives a bit more context from our side. Since then, a security issue was identified with the persistent connection code, which Libera used as reason to terminate the bridge until it (and the other existing issues) are resolved.

@matrix It certainly doesn't hurt to have more context when something similar happens. I understand these days were rough, so thank you for providing it!

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