Both @signalapp and Element united in trying to avert the privacy disaster that is the UK's Online Safety Bill:

@matrix @signalapp

Great words 👍

..."the idea that complex social problems are amenable to cheap technical solutions is the siren song of the software salesman".

@matrix @signalapp
pedophiles: "It is important that technology companies make every effort to ensure that their platforms do not become a breeding ground for paedophiles," 🤣

how about arrest those creating the child abuse images...but I guess they will not arrest themselves 🤷‍♂️

@matrix @signalapp So an app that is expected to act as a means of communication in the very countries where privacy is being fought will be withdrawn if intimidated? What is then the point of using this app?

@michal @matrix @signalapp 🤦‍♂️this idea is repeatedly appearing everywhere in the world. EU, UK, it doesn't matter. It seem that some basic IT education is missing, otherwise they would understand there is no middle stage between encrypted (private) and plain text (publicly readable) messages. I would ask such politicians if I can borrow their phones to read their messages.

@stepan @matrix @signalapp We're talking about two things: one is support for end-to-end encryption, because it's none of anyone's business to have a private conversation with another, however legal and harmless. The second thing is to have the possibility of such a communication channel in countries that are fighting against encryption. Does this mean that Signal is not an application for the latter? Then the app shouldn't be profiled that way.

@michal @stepan @matrix @signalapp if they can't legally operate private communication in the uk then they refuse to operate there. If the law passed and they continued to operate there without compromising their security they would probably be charged large fines or something

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