The big Matrix 2.0 "How we made Matrix go voooooooom" talk from @matthew begins in 10 MINUTES in Janson - for those following along at home!

homeserver what 

@matrix @matthew @shine @transcaffeine Ah yes, fast joining the hq voom on matrix 2.0

@matrix I'm really, really worried about the future of Matrix (and digital communications in general) in Europe because of the #ChatControl directive. What is the use of being end-to-end encrypted if there is an obligation to add a backdoor for the European authorities.

@lebout2canap we’re worried about UK’s OSB and Chat Control too. hence working on shifting responsibility for running matrix servers to the users.

@matrix @matthew this was a great talk and I’m really excited for #matrix2 matrix is not just going to match signal but surpass it with #p2p #mfa and #openid

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