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Discord is the worst thing to happen to niche communities. A forum that cant be archived, can't be read without membership, cant be indexed on Google or Wayback for searchability. We let one company monopolize the majority of our communication.


@matrix okay but like, the lack of protocol-native ability to configure the defederation of kiwifarms for a homeserver by default is also harmful to niche communities

@matrix it is pretty weird to see how much discord is promoted for YouTuber communities and such. I wonder why they aren't starting element communities

@cubeofcheese @matrix Probably one of the biggest reasons being confusing UX and lack of voice channels but that's changing soon.

@cubeofcheese @matrix Matrix/Element still have the same problem of not being able to index, search and use without membership. Waiting for Element Call and Waterfall to come out of beta, so we can start crushing Discord.

All that should be optional and opt in though.
I am still haunted by past mistakes that are indexed on Google and mailman setups exposing mail addresses. Saving everything is not a good idea. Maybe the group wants to talk about delicate subjects and be a safe space

Discord is the worst thing that has ever happend to online communities.

@matrix Oh come on the ONLY difference between that and IRC is the monopolization by one company.

Which is bad! Monopolization is a very bad thing!

But, "can't be retroactively archived, can't be viewed without active membership, can't be indexed" are BASIC features that plenty of niche community spaces have had or not had across time.

@matrix and that's just one but the most important Reason why I stick to #TeamSpeak and will tryout #Matrix in the future. 👍😉

@matrix And yet I have found more new friends and my PEOPLE with Discord, that I never found in the past outside of some chat rooms a long, long, long, long time ago.

To each their own, I guess.

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