Performance updates in Synapse, 100% parity with Synapse for the server-server API in Dendrite, and Element X Android progressing well.

That, and much more happened this week in Matrix!

@matrix would be grateful if somebody would write up (or better, create a tool) to upgrade postgresql running in a container.
I just want to selfhost and not become a database expert. Every upgrade 'guide' I find has some differences and honestly why can't upgrades be easy and automated anyway?

RT @gutocarvalho Dendrite 100% compatível com o synapse e 93% a clientes... Pode interessar a substituição pro synapse por um servidor escrito em Go


Will there be a migration tool from Synapse to Dendrite, when Dendite become go-to server?

@didek yup. although likelihood is that synapse will continue to mature as the typical server and dendrite will focus on small/embedded use cases.

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