Indescribably exciting to have just been the first ever(!) person to enter Matrix in VR, thanks to @[email protected]'s first cut of WebXR support. Add in freeform scripting via our WebSG API and built-in direct-manipulation scene editor, and the possibilities will be infinite!! 🤯🚀👽

@matrix what the heck lol matrix is doing metaverse stuff

@matrix That #Metaverse #bullshit is definitely not the kind you should waste your tiny funds on.

I think that @blender would have more use for this tech but not a messenger system like yours.

People explicitly chose #Matrix in order to not have to deah with #VR bullshit and screaming kids in discord.

So I guess I'll stick with #IRC, #XMPP & #Zulip instead...

@kkarhan @blender this is similar to saying that the Web should have stuck to static HTML, that JS and webapps are a disaster and that apps should be left to the desktop. You are missing the point that Matrix is & always has been a communication protocol; explicitly not just for chat. We don’t want to live in a world where Facebook owns communication in spatial apps like they have with WhatsApp, and that is why a tiny % of Element’s $ goes to supporting Third Room.

@matrix @blender yeah, but I think making your tech more appealing and approachable to "#TechIlliterates" and "#Normies" should have a higher priority than following a trend and fad [aka. #VR]...

Regardless of that I do think that #JS and #Tracking / #Cookies are bad #ghettohacks of a technology and lazy #WebApps should've never seen mass adoption, but there's far worse staff like #MicrosoftOffice and espechally #Windows.

I just can't stand the latter...

@matrix @blender Call me weird but I still prefer the #KISS principle...

On the other hand #VRchat's #ModsBan kinda necessitates a #FLOSS - replacement that is useable, so don't mistake me as ungrateful neighsayer...

I just think you're veering off-course quite a lot...

@matrix @blender when having decent and useable clients for every plattform that make real #E2EE like #OTR / #OMEMO / #GNuPG trivial and easy to use for even the most #TechIlliterate users would be far more beneficial than a tech that less than 1% of all users have even hardware to remotely consider running on...

@matrix @blender there's a reason why I'm recommending #Zulip for organizations that need their comms secure and have to make it accessible for the worst #Techilliterates on the planet.

Because they get their s**t done and have a solid product that doesn't require much fiddling, yet for even those obsesssed with staring at other peoples' faces it allows easy integration with #JitsiMeet form the start at no overhead...

@kkarhan @matrix @blender

I'm trying to figure out exactly what you're trying to achieve by putting a hashtag on the word Windows, if you can't stand it?

Who exactly do you think is following that hashtag?

Do you really think that those people value your opinion?

@matrix @kkarhan @blender This isn't a very good analogy. I think a much closer analogy would be looking at VRML in 1996 and concluding that it wouldn't be seeing mass interest, let alone adoption, on the web any time soon.

@roadriverrail @kkarhan @blender VRML /could/ be a similar analogy, but having played with both, this makes VRML feel like gopher. Just like JS at first felt like a strange bodgy hack on the web for annoying popups and animations, before folks finally realised it could create a whole new class of networked crossplatform apps, thirdroom’s engine can support a whole new class of interoperable multiparty spatial collaboration in the idiom of the open web.

@roadriverrail @kkarhan @blender if VRML had come with decentralised communication primitives, a mature content authoring system (not openinventor), built in editor, high performance implementations, and a sandboxed client scripting environment that supported a wide range of scripting and native languages, and hardware which supported it well… then perhaps it would be a better analogy :)

@matrix @kkarhan @roadriverrail @matrix @roadriverrail @kkarhan @blender I was working for SGI/CRAY in the middle of the '90s. Sorry to say, VRML was way advanced at the time. Meaning, most of the request you are doing were not present in ANY kind of software.

@matrix oh man, I love Portal. GotY 2007. Wait, how is that relevant today though?


I like seeing things get a volume! Very interested in developments making this a streamlined experience to put basically anything on 2D3D screen.

Also, the video contains glitches that are usually property of unfinished renderer, but I didn't expect edges being cut off in split frames, of all the things.

@Blort @matrix just stop calling facebook meta. Facebook does not have the power to take the word meta away from us.

@Blort @matrix Meta is only the newest (and worst) entry into the social VR market. For years we’ve had Altspace, VRChat, Mozilla Hubs, RecRoom, The Wave, Sansar, etc, and numerous networked VR games like Walkabout Minigolf, Demeo, OceanCraft, Star Trek Bridge Crew, etc. I’m looking forward to this from Matrix hoping we’ll finally have something non-proprietary and self-hostable.

@matrix I'm wondering how the fediverse will look in VR. 😉

@joenepraat @matrix I’m pretty sure it would look like VRChat, but maybe with better moderation tools

@matrix Cool, looking forward to seeing more of this in the future :) Keep up the good work! ^^

@matrix for what it's worth, I actually like that you guys are experimenting in that direction ; you're not the only ones, but so far the demo has been impressive

@matrix @utopiah Very excited! Please prioritize moderation tools. There are some excellent examples out there, Altpace’s space bubbles (are they still around?) mute buttons, etc. Do what Meta clearly didn’t do and go have fun actually playing all the other stuff that’s out there so you can see what works and what doesn’t for preventing harassment.

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