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Big news: Gitter is officially ascending entirely into Matrix: we’re migrating the historical Gitter service into being a Gitter-branded Element in Feb 2023. We’ve migrated all the historical accounts & data, so it should be transparent: read all at


@matrix Is there any plan to add multi-account/account-switch support to Element Android app?

@fishy yes, expecting to add it in Element X (currently in dev)

Hey, I've seen multiple references to "Element X", but I'm unable to find anything related to it. It's probably just me not searching well enough, but do you where I can find info on that ?

Hi @matrix We currently login to Gitter using Github and rooms access control settings use Github also. Will those methods be preserved after the transition if we use the app?

@rija github login will still work. github accesss control to rooms will not (yet) unfortunately - you’ll have to keep the permissions manually synced.

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