We’re investigating an HTTP outage on matrix.org; apologies for the inconvenience…


...and fixed; sorry about that. obviously only users on the matrix.org homeserver were impacted; everyone else should be feeling smug right now.

Gotta love decentralization. Meanwhile, most of the rest of Matrix kept on keeping on like any other day.

Twitter on the other hand...

@matrix Thanks for the prompt fix!
Still, time to stop being lazy and start self-hosting!


Mine's back to working. Thank you for the quick response.

@matrix My friend on his own homeserver wasn't so much smug as annoyed he couldn't talk to me. Another mutual on matrix.org fell back to Discord for the evening.

We're all willing to give you some leeway since it's a volunteer project, but try not to be a jerk about it.

@nivex @matrix sir wtf, you get a service for free and still complain about it. If you have the time and the energy please self-host man

@eyaddo @matrix Nope, not complaining about the service. Complaining about attitudes like this.

@nivex @matrix I don't think they meant to have an attitude, more like "decentralization is good also for this".

@eyaddo @matrix And if they'd left the part about being smug out, they would have achieved that. Don't lord it over the people who don't have the technical or financial resources to do it.

I've been in FOSS for ~25 years. Again, I have no problem with a free service having a hiccup. Somebody had a bad day, presumably learned from it, and we could move on. But instead you're here in my mentions bludgeoning me about the technical merits when I'm trying to address the culture. They may not have meant to have an attitude, but it sure came across as one. I was attempting to gently inform of this, and you flew off the handle at me in typical zealotous fashion.

@matrix did it get borked again?
nope, seems to be back up again

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