The 2022 Matrix Holiday Update is here - looking back on all the news from the Matrix core team in 2022, both good & bad, and hoping for a better 2023. Happy holidays, and thanks for flying Matrix. ☃️

@matrix reading this was so nice.

I'm sad to learn Neil left, I hope the project won't suffer.

About location sharing: have you considered about the privacy issue of downloading tiles? This might disclose your location. I know there was a messenger that planned using #peermaps to mitigate that.

For the funding we are doing our part (with @copiepublique) but have you considered a progress bar? If crowdfunding platform use this pattern, it may work (gamification?)


@lutindiscret @copiepublique yup, we need to sort out a progress bar - and thanks :) for location share privacy; your client can use whatever maptile server it likes (optionally using one recommended by your server).

@matrix there is another topic that is missing IMO.

Where is the "matrix dmoz"? I think matrix has a discoverability problem. I'm doing my part, creating themed spaces but where can one find a searchable list of (big) spaces? For newcomers, Matrix looks empty 😔

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