Individual, Silver, Gold or Platinum? You can now join the Matrix Foundation and support core Matrix development, help steer the direction of the protocol and how best to fund it!

There's A LOT ahead of us: we're also looking for an Executive Director.

@matrix I will cancel my support on Patreon and also not become a funding member afterwards.


Because you still have the audacity to slap a Google Docs link in my face when asking me to support open, decentral technologies!

@Natureshadow sorry to see you go. we are urgently trying to raise funds currently, hence not having time to set up a FOSS webform and using Google Forms to gather input instead. thanks for the support.

@matrix Don't give me that. The issue has persisted for **years**, don't pretend it just came up now.


@Natureshadow then we have no idea what you’re talking about. thought you were complaining about us using google forms to gather feedback on the fundraising. 🤷

@matrix Right now, yes. But as a single incident, I would not make all the fuss.

Besides using Google Forms here, you are using and promoting Google Docs and other closed services all over the place.

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