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we got rid of MS Teams - it was simply too buggy and our engineers use linux...which isn't supported anymore officially.

We're now using and the hosted on our own infrastructure and it is really a relieve!


@matrix there is only .deb package - what if my company uses SUSE? Will flatpak be officially supported?

@jjk @matrix Wait, flatpak is not officially supported? 0.o

@jjk @koyax @matrix @xyhhx

Ah! Of course, I overlooked the "official" aspect, my bad.

@matrix I have noticed that European businesses are more willing to be inconvenienced in order to own their data, use open source software, etc. Is it because they hesitate to hand over data to companies beyond the protection of EU laws?

@adnan @matrix That'd be two jurisdictions at that point, so yeah, it might be one of the reasons.

@matrix @adnan Yes, to my understanding that’s one reason. Second is that by using something you usually fund it some way and it is desired that public money goes to projects which results in open product - that also has trust benefits

But that depends. In Finland people don’t care as much. It seems extremely difficult to get organizations to use FOSS here even in cases where the reasons are functional. And to my knowledge the situation is very similar in Sweden

@matrix "use linux...which isn't supported anymore officially." - That's fake news, Linux is supported all around the clock.

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