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@matrix twitter what? twitter who? twitter when? twitter why? twitter where? twitter? … twitter!


@mray eh yes that cross-poster would need some tuning. It’s mostly used as a convenience but we’re very much watching this side of the fence too


FYI, given all of the news of the past few weeks, I have heard from a lot of people who are filtering out toots with that domain/string in them. So some % of folks may be missing your post when they appear.


@downey @mray totally failing to understand why someone would filter out content from twitter tho? just because info came from twitter doesn’t make it evil…

@matrix @downey @mray Not evil but hard to read with all the twitters in between :)

@ilumium Right, and so many coming here to get away from that site 😆

@matrix @mray

@matrix This... I just block "" because those crossposts are completely unreadable. is a lovely service but is prettier for Twitter->Mastodon crossposting.

@ilumium @downey

@matrix @downey @mray I'm interested in who you mention but would have to manually find out if those persons have accounts in the fediverse. That's super shitty UX.

@matrix @downey @mray

Because it's horrible to read and hardly useful for people who don't use Twitter.

A simple link to a short blog post on your site, a Nitter link to the original post or just write here might be better. And this is what 80% of the timeline currently looks like. Therefore the filter

@matrix @downey It literally rubs it in your face that it was not written with you in mind. It feels like getting the short end of a bot dumping *stuff* into a post. It is like having to read an RSS feed with HTML tags in it – because over on $walledgarden those are drawn correctly.


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