Matrix 1.5 is here! As a maintenance release it's not the most feature-filled, but still worth a look.

Check it out 🔽

@matrix This is all I need for my electronic social life; #ActivityPub for social media, and #Matrix for secure messaging 😎

@bloodaxe @matrix

Or as I like to say it.
ActivityPub for publishing with interactions, Matrix for real-time private/target communication

@bloodaxe @didek the only catch is that it isn’t quite true: matrix can be used fine for publishing content with interactions too (cf cerulean). it’s a pretty generic protocol for realtime comms.

@matrix @didek Wait, are you saying we could make a social media run on top of Matrix? 🤔 How would that function/scale compared to something like #ActivityPub based platforms?

@bloodaxe @didek it’d probably be better. we demo’d it with cerulean but nobody picked it up to hack on it :)

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