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Hey @[email protected] , i made an entire german series of introducing the Matrix protocol and installing it onto a / jail for self hosting, supported by an OPNsense firewall, which is doing the HAProxy and cert stuff. Maybe you like it:


@matrix is it possible for you to disable crosspost for RT (retweet) on mastodon ? 🙏

@BarbossHack @matrix

Crossposting can also be funny. Especially when you switch from the Mastodon Matrix account with #Nitter to the post, only to find out that both are on Mastodon. 🤣


@BarbossHack sorry - we want to share info both on the fediverse & twitter, regardless which side of the fence it came from.


IIRC there's an option to CW the messages received from Twitter in the crossposting tool. Would work as a compromise

@csolisr @BarbossHack i think we're missing why content from twitter would need a CW?


So that people that don't want to view content from Twitter can ignore all messages sent from there.

@matrix @csolisr it would have been better (at least for me) if your mastodon account was only used to post *your* content (and not retweets). Crossposting is ok if it’s *your* original tweets, but I feel a bit « spammed » when I see these « RT » things from twitter 😕

@matrix Would #dendrite not be better suited as a #matrix server on a NAS? I run dendrite on a pi4 with #FreeBSD, and it works pretty good. I found synapse quite heavy on a SBC,

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