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rocks! (And works, despite lobbyist claims.) Just finished setting up a @[email protected] server, including bridges to @[email protected] and @[email protected] Mirroring the full user experience - even for group-chats and with end-to-bridge encryption. I am excited.


@matrix Is there a consolidated list of all such
bridges using #matrix available?

@5uie1 @matrix on the website there is a list of bridges. There are also hosting services offering bridges.

@5uie1 @matrix Has general docs and lists most of the bridges at:…
Also high quality bridges are at

I deeply hope you will succeed but as far as I can tell, we can't communicate from Matrix with a WhatsApp account without having downloaded WhatsApp and without having a personal WhatsApp account. A good available comprehensive tutorial, taking up Threema too, about this #interoperability would certainly be welcomed.

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