Matrix support landed in @[email protected] 102, sponsored work to make Element support zh_Hant_TW, fancy tools for homeserver administrators… this, and much more happened This Week in Matrix!

@matrix uhm actually as someone who runs a matrix server and used to use Thunderbird this is a bad thing. Thunderbird is an email client, or at least it was. Over the last year+ Thunderbird has been on a vicious downward spiral in part due to stuff like this. Basic features get removed, bugs are introduced, anti-features are added. People do not want matrix in their email client. People don't want IM in their email client. Thunderbird just had a totally broken release where the developers just shrugged at "uh we just pushed this out now we're all on vacation sorry!".
@crunklord420 @matrix It had half-assed Jabber support built-in at least for five years, so it's not surprising Matrix is also here.

@matrix Hi, looks like there's a typo in the MSCs with Proposed Final Comment Period section. The lable of the MSC (MSC3840: Ignore invites) is different from the linked one (MSC3827: Filtering of /publicRooms by room type).

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