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State of the Budgie for May 2022 is now out! In this post, I cover our workshops, organization structure, Budgie 10.x goals, Budgie 11, and more. Get some coffee or tea, it is a long one.


🐦🔗: twitter.com/BuddiesOfBudgie/st


"Matrix has undeniably exploded in its popularity and use in the open source community. The fact that it can be federated and self-hosted is enticing to many, it being open source and having open protocols even more so." 💗❤️💖 :)

@matrix yes, being a metadata harvester and having little to offer over XMPP, matrix is just a low tier option.

@werwolf Besides adoption and a better community? Totally low tier.


@werwolf fwiw matrix gathers no more metadata than activitypub or xmpp (other than conversation history being the default for matrix, unlike xmpp). and once p2p matrix lands (arewep2pyet.com) it will be even better.

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