This week's Matrix Live is broadcasted from @[email protected] offices, with five cool demos. Want to see video rooms, anonymous screenshots, better read receipts, @[email protected], and customisable layouts for Element mobile? There you go!

@matrix uhm, where's the diversity? I don't even see one (1) nigger. I don't see one horrifying tranny hon (except Matthew but xir doesn't count since he's egg-moding).

@matrix look at this dream team 😍

I'm surprised by the video rooms using Jitsi as a backend, wasn't there an Element project to make your own stack for voice/video?

@matrix @lutindiscret Yes, (…). But it still has some deficiencies, notably, it doesn't work well a lot of participants, since it currently uses full-mesh routing (each participant sends their audio/video to every other participant). This will be fixed in the future, but for now Jitsi is more reliable for larger calls.

@hubert yes this!

Depends of what a lot of participants mean? I was thinking that matrix native voip could go up to 30 participants. I've heard of the P2P limitations but IIRC there was some kind of relays that could take place (running in the servers) like super-peers making the P2P-conversation limited to 6 users scalable to 30 🤷


@matrix @lutindiscret "A lot" in this case means more than about 6, depending on how much bandwidth each participant has. AFAIK, Element Call is also missing the bits to control bandwidth usage, so each participant will be sending full-resolution video to everyone else. Eventually it will use a Selective Forwarding Unit (SFU), like in Jitsi, which means that participants will only need to send their audio/video to one place, and from there it will be forwarded to other participants.

Element Call will continue to improve, and I'd expect that video rooms (and conferencing in Element, and other Matrix clients) will eventually use that system, but it isn't quite ready yet.
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