🗞️ TWIM is out!

Matrix casually made its way to the Steam @[email protected]. It's also neatly integrated in @[email protected]'s KRunner via @[email protected], and the multi-purpose bridge hookshot is easier to use than ever.

And much (much!) more in !

@[email protected] @[email protected] @[email protected] If you missed this week's episode of Open Tech Will Save Us focused on analytics and privacy, you can find a recording on YouTube to get a hopefully balanced image of analytics and user trust with @[email protected], @[email protected]
and @[email protected]

@matrix @matrix i dont give a fuck why dont you make your shit function without daily intervention
@graf @matrix they're too busy adding pronouns to the user bios to fix real problems
@matrix @sapphire @matrix @Meier i hope you block or are considering blocking the soyroom matrix HQ

left unchecked for a year. our database is like 200GB almost -- pg_dump text of the raw database is 167GB. nearly 50GB more than the entirety of poast, all its users and remote posts

that room has got to go
@gear @matrix @graf @Meier eventually it'll inflate out of control because if anyone joins a huge channel like matrix HQ itll slam your db with useless shit.

tldr tell your tech dorks to block stuff
@sapphire @matrix @graf @Meier

Oh. Uh, shit. Didn’t you and Hermit actually create the gearlandia server though?
@gear @matrix @graf @Meier >your tech dorks

this includes hermit my friend.

I'll probably roll out custom DNS on sooner or later for internal clients and we can block it there but that's a few weeks minimum off because lol imagine doing things
@sapphire @matrix @graf @Meier

>imagine doing things.

Ya. You’re busy with work, I’m literally at work. Hermit is doing Dojo stuff regarding his job. We haven’t heard from Baba in days and Despair is busy getting huge. Whatever, I’ll call a round table and explain the situation or something I guess. I don’t think any of us actually connect to matrix org aside from like maybe Hannah.
@gear @matrix @graf @Meier Hannah is on her own instance so it doesn't matter. only users do. Still probably a good idea to block them out because iirc a bunch of analytics go to them too
@sapphire @matrix @graf @Meier

I think I can take a guess on who. I have no idea how to explain the situation though because tech stuff goes over my head.
@EdBoatConnoisseur @sapphire @Meier @matrix no, im restoring a dump to fix the broken indexes from matrix's solution to this problem
@graf @matrix @EdBoatConnoisseur @Meier >restoring a pgdump

see you on poast matrix 2.0: now not on fucking Matrix
@matrix @sapphire @matrix @EdBoatConnoisseur @Meier if it turned out to be fully shot and we had to start over it will absolutley be conduit or dendrite and the quirks that fuck federation can suck me off
@EdBoatConnoisseur @matrix @graf @Meier >cant you like, idk drop table

look at this nigga thinking any FOSS project that uses postgres is logical, everyone point and laugh

@sapphire @matrix @graf @Meier nigger, i’ve never touched any sql beyond mysql, i never sxperienced the mental damage of nosql

@matrix @EdBoatConnoisseur @sapphire @Meier @matrix I would block the server outright but there's people like alex that use it but when I restore this, removing the room from the database will prevent it from repopulating
@graf @matrix @EdBoatConnoisseur @Meier sounds like people like alex can have a second account that doesn't poison your instance. Fluffychat supports multiple logins now, definitely not your problem
@Meier @matrix the funny thing about this is as a normal human i would have maybe filed an issue on their github. but i cant. because they banned me for saying 'cringed irl' on a fucking proposal to shoehorn pronouns into the matrix spec
@matrix pedophile software on the go :luckylucky:
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