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Matrix Support

Support for the popular chat protocol: Matrix, is coming to 102. While this has existed behind a pref in a beta state in 91, it will finally be usable out-of-the-box in this release. Updates to chat for a better user experience will be in this release as well.


@matrix thunderbird is bloatware. Meanwhile they totally fucked up their GPG support and still haven't fixed it.
@not_br549 @matrix I don't have a good email client recommendation. That's why I'm so pissed off about Thunderbird's recent changes. Really, Enigmail extension was better than Thunderbird's "native" implementation, and they fucking broke it. I'm still mad about it.

Meanwhile they're obsessed with adding chat functionality to Thunderbird, now they're going to shoe horn into FUCKING MATRIX. I literally already use Thunderbird, I use matrix. I DO NOT WANT MATRIX IN MY THUNDERBIRD!!!!
@crunklord420 @not_br549 @matrix seamonkey has a mozilla suite email component and enigmail works with it... though near the end of the extension lifespan I remember some talk about vulnerabilities so I'd tread carefully there
@takao @matrix @not_br549 I refuse to insert my GPG keys into Thunderbird. There's a bunch of limitations with how to actually works, too. I'm forced to do all my GPG stuff "offline" (ie. manually do it in text files and copy-pasta).
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